10 Effective (and PROVEN) Ways to Save for Mothers

Moms like to shop – but we also like to save!

If you’re the shopper in the house, you’re probably familiar with how much money is spent on household essentials and other items. Not to mention groceries, there are various budget expenses you’re also tracking. Rent, utility bills, credit card payments, and more.

But what if I tell you that there are multiple ways you can save money for the family – all while shopping for your daily necessities.

Let’s read more.

This post main contain affiliate links. Please see disclaimer for details.

1. Rakuten

Rakuten (formerly Ebates) is a popular and well-known cash back application that allows you to save and earn money.

You can save money by receiving cash back on all purchases you make (both online and in-store) and you can earn money just for spreading the word with family and friends.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Create an account on Rakuten – it’s free!
  2. Shop at any of the partnered stores online or in-store
    • Online Shopping: Start shopping for all your necessities from the listed partnered stores. Each store has their own cashback percentage.  *Cashback percentage changes daily and can go up to over 15% cashback
    • Shop in-store: Connect your card with your Ebates account and each time you swipe it at the store, select “Credit” (if the option is available) and your cashback will process on the back end.

How to Earn:

  • Refer a friend! For each referral, you will get an incentive (cash) for bringing them on board! Plus, your friend will also receive an incentive for joining!

How to Cash Out:

  • You can cash out your balance if it is over $5.00 and receive it via mail or from your PayPal account each quarter (listed on their website).

How to Maximize Your Savings:

Well, I use diapers from Sam’s Club and one way I save with diapers is going to Rakuten, select the Sam’s Club cashback option (at this time, it was 3% cashback), and make a purchase online. I saved money by saving 3% off my purchase, plus Sam’s Club’s wholesale price on diapers, and since I selected the pick-up option, I was able to save time from going into the store.

2. Coupons

If you’re looking to save more money on baby products, food, and household necessities, this will be your favorite way to save.

Why? Because more coupons are going digital.

So where do you find them?

  • Coupons.com
  • Newspaper inserts – look for SmartSource, Red Plum, or P&G (Proctor & Gamble) inserts
    • Are you wanting to bulk shop using newspaper coupons? Subscribe to receive newspapers at your local newspaper office via online and select your choice of how many newspapers you would like to receive each week and on which day. HOWEVER, you may have to pay a monthly fee (or whichever plan you choose) to receive newspapers.
  • Sign up at Dollar General for DG Coupons
  • Sign up for a CVS account for the Extra Care card and download the CVS app! You will find manufacturer coupons (MFR coupons) and CVS’s OWN store coupons (that you can use TOGETHER!)
  • Sign up at Walgreens for the rewards card. You can download the Walgreens app or go online and save MFR coupons. Plus! Go into any Walgreens and they will have their own coupon book waiting for you at the entrance! *hint* It’s right next to their weekly ads.
  • Subscribe and sign up at brand name product websites or you can find coupons on their page directly
    • Diapers:
      • Huggies.com
      • Pampers.com
    • Household:
      • Xtralaundry.com
      • Armandhammer.com
      • Oxiclean.com
      • Brawny.com
      • Angelsoft.com

For more on how to save with coupons, check out my ultimate guide here.

3. Target

Have you always been a long-time shopper of Target? Or you shop there occasionally but never really considered that you can SAVE there??

Let me show you the power of shopping at TARGET.

There are three ways you can save at Target:

  • Sign up for a REDCard, save 5%, and get FREE SHIPPING on all online purchases. You can sign up for the Credit card or the Debit card (personally, I use the Debit version just because I didn’t want a Credit card and all I have to do is link it to my checking account).
  • Use Cartwheel. Did you know that Target’s Cartwheel feature has coupons and extra savings in there?? Well, here’s your ADDITIONAL saving for diapers, formulas, and baby products. You can access Cartwheel by downloading the Target app.
  • Use Coupons. You can apply a manufacturer’s coupon AND Target’s store coupon or Cartwheel discounts and combine them for extra savings.

Here’s my ULTIMATE formula of saving at Target for baby products (EXAMPLE):

  • Use REDCard and save 5%, use Cartwheel and apply 15% discount for select baby products (it can be diapers, baby wash, shampoo, etc…), COMBINE Target’s store coupon AND manufacturer’s coupon. *Here’s a hint, use more than 1 coupon for a product but make sure you follow the rules listed in the “tiny” print at the bottom or on the side. Sometimes the maximum amount of times you can use a coupon for the same product is up to 4 coupons or 2.

Don’t have a REDCard and want to start one? Start here!

4. Amazon Family (Amazon Prime)

Do you like shopping at Amazon? Or are you already an Amazon Prime member but want to upgrade to an Amazon Family account?

Subscribe and sign up for Amazon Family where you get up to 20% discount off of diapers, baby food, and more!

However, you must have Amazon Prime first before you can reap the benefits of Amazon Family.

For Amazon Prime, you pay $99 a year and get:

  • 20% off on diaper subscriptions
  • Exclusive Coupons and Deals from Amazon Family
  • Exclusive Baby Registry benefits
  • FREE Two-Day Shipping on millions of items
  • Unlimited instant streaming of thousands of movies and TV shows
  • Unlimited, ad-free streaming of over a million songs and more Prime benefits

This is a great deal as I was able to pay as little as $0.13 a diaper when I purchased a box of Huggies diapers.

If you’d like to try it out and test your savings Mama, see my link below:

Join Amazon Family 30-Day Free Trial

5. Checkout 51

Okay. I know we all have smartphones now (well, MOST of us) and we’re all app users, right?

So, let’s take a moment to DOWNLOAD an app, “Checkout 51” and simply save just for using it, Mama!

What is it?

It’s an app that allows all users to save money on groceries and other shopping trips by providing cashback amounts on each UPLOADED receipt!

Of course, the item on your receipt must match the item that is listed on the app but I tell ya what, you can save on formula too!

I was able to save $3.00 on Similac Pro-Advance/Advance by purchasing a container from Walgreens.

I mean really, we all know how FAST formula goes and how much we have to spend for formula.

So if you’re making a quick run to the pharmacy because you’re last minute running out of formula, try saving using this app!

Just remember that you must accumulate up to $20.00 first before you’re able to “CHECK-OUT!”. Ka-ching!

6. Ibotta

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard all the rave about Ibotta, right?

If you’re like me, you must have heard about it but never bothered to sign up for an account. I know. I’ve been there.

I’ve heard about Ibotta for quite some time until I finally signed up for an account and was actually able to save some money. Ibotta lets you earn cash back on your uploaded receipts (similar to Checkout 51) AND you can find special offers by selecting a specific store.

Let’s say you’re at Walmart and want to know what kind of savings or offers Walmart have. You can simply select the Walmart logo and you’ll find a good list of items for cashback.

It can be food, shampoo, conditioner, shavers, everything you can think of and need! PLUS! You can even combine Ibotta savings with your coupon trips.

I mean that’s a big double whammy, Mama!

More bucks coming back into your pocket….

7. Shop Your Way

Okay. I haven’t heard people mention about Shop Your Way that much but I do think that this one is worth mentioning.


Because I was able to pay less than $5 for TWO Carter’s baby outfits for my little one!

Are you curious about what this is??

Let me tell you, Mama.

Shop Your Way is a FREE program offered by Sears that allows members to save, shop, and earn points or FREECASH (FREECASH is cash that is FREE and you can use it towards a purchase that is focused on a category like auto, home appliance, shoes, clothing, etc…).

Sometimes, FREECASH can be used on ANY purchase. Just make sure you read the fine print next to the offer.

You can earn points (that can be redeemed for cash) by entering Sweeps and playing games. I was able to “Win” up to $5.00 a week by playing almost every day for 5 days. 

What makes this part fun is you get to SPIN a WHEEL and either land on PRIZE, POINTS, or NO WIN. Sounds exciting?

You can win more if you put your heart to it!

So if you’re looking for good home offers or baby products, you should try this one out!

Because trust me, this has become my new “LOVE” of my BEST savings list.

For more details on this program, visit the website www.shopyourway.com.

8. Wholesale Stores: Sams Club/Costco

Sam’s Club is my go-to store when I’m not “studying” to save money. I know that saving money can take up time because you have to do researches, note sales, ads, and all that good stuff.

But sometimes, we Mama’s just don’t have time for that. We could be having a heck of a week that drove us crazy and be out of formula at the same time! Grrr…

I know that stuff all too well.

That’s why I shop here. I can save money and buy my items in BULK.

Food, formulas, diapers, shampoo. You know it.

Are you already a member? If not, you should get started because it is totally worth it! Go to www.samsclub.com. 

Here’s one tip: If you have formula coupons or “checks” that you received from a formula company like Similac or Enfamil, you cannot use it at Sam’s Club.

Did you know that? I didn’t! But I learned this lesson trying to “SAVE” as much as I possible.

Costco is another great wholesale store that can save you some good bucks! (I don’t shop there as much because of where I live)

BUT! I would definitely shop here if I was living near one.

Costco offers exclusive savings on products, travel, and services. (Similar to Sam’s Club)

9. Groupon

Groupon is an app or website that offers deals and coupons for travel, food, products, and services! There are always sales going on and you can get baby products for a discounted price! Baby gear, diaper bags, strollers, etc…

I use this app for my purchases on services, especially if I’m looking for a “Mama’s well-deserved” massage.

I think YOU deserve one too, don’t ya think?!


10. Weekly Ads/Subscriptions

Okay. I know. This is one of those “possibly annoying” ways to save because of ALL THOSE EMAILS OR INSERTS you get but trust me, there’s a good in this.

Weekly ads tell you sale prices and sale prices can be COMBINED with COUPONS, STORE COUPONS, and STORE REWARDS.

This is your ULTIMATE way of MAXIMIZING your savings with coupons.

In fact, this is how MOST extreme couponers save. So if you’re wondering how people are able to pay less than $5.00 for a batch of items, learn from WEEKLY ADS.

Oh yeah. And Subscriptions.

Create an “email” that receives ONLY promotional emails from stores that advertises specials, sales, and other weekly discounts. You can take advantage of store specials and combine it with Ebates.

Here’s one example on how I was able to save with store specials:

I’ve been looking for a mattress for a while and we all know how pricey “good” mattresses can be. So I’ve been waiting on specials and promos from stores like JCPenney, Sears, Macy’s, and all the big retail stores.

By chance, I was able to discover that one of the stores was running 13% cashback (through Ebates) on all purchases. So, I entered the store website, saw ANOTHER promo that took off 65% for any purchase over $100.00 and selected a mattress that had a “good” discount.  

There’s my chance. I placed on my “Mama-Loves-To-Save” cap, and started SAVING!

I got my mattress that was listed for over $1,000.00 and saved over 70% on the price and paid around $300.00.

My total savings that was OVER 70% came from:

  • The store promo that took off 65% for any purchase over $100.00
  • The discount that was listed on the mattress
  • My 13% cashback from Ebates.

Voila! That’s one way you can buy a mattress for your house, right Mama?

Oh, and one more thing.

If you like this post, please share? Other mothers or readers may find it helpful as well!


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