13 Gift Ideas for the Pregnant Mom

Are you looking for ideas to buy the perfect gift for the pregnant Mom?

I know that feeling. What makes it hard to begin with is choosing a gift. And to be more specific, for a pregnant Mom!

So how you do know which gifts will make Mama’s day? What will be useful and what will make pregnancy better?

I know 13 amazing gifts you can select from. And trust me. As a first-time mom who went through pregnancy, even I would have enjoyed these gifts!

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1. Pregnancy Pillow

A pregnancy pillow is a great gift for the pregnant Mama because believe it or not, it’ll be super useful throughout the whole 9-month. It helps with back pain and provide relief for the spine. Not only does it help with relief, it gives comfort and some cushion! I specifically purchased this one and recommend it to all pregnant moms.

2. Postpartum Kit

If you’re indecisive at choosing a gift, why not make one? Go DIY and create a kit for Mom’s postpartum needs!

Not sure what goes in it? Subscribe below to gain access to my FREE Resource Library and grab that Postpartum Checklist! You don’t have to purchase all items listed but a select few will already help a bunch!

3. A Day at the Spa

All pregnant moms would love a full body massage. Not only does stress build up mentally, it also builds up physically. And when stress builds up physically, the only way to relieve muscle knots is to have a day at the spa.

4. Manicure or Pedicure

One way to help the pregnant mom is to give her a free manicure or pedicure session. You can purchase a ticket from places like Groupon, to capture the best local deals!

5. A Fashion Rental Gift

Have you heard of maternity fashion rentals?

Pregnant moms can rent maternity clothes for a certain period of time and dress fashionably in style!

You can purchase an e-gift or gift card from these fashion rental stores below and gift them to the pregnant mom!

La Belle Bump 

Le Tote 

Mine for Nine 

Rent the Runway 

6. Essential Oil Diffuser

As I mentioned earlier, stress is a common symptom among pregnant moms. They’re stressed about finances, stressed about baby, and stressed about just the entire situation itself! And one way you can help is to gift an essential oil diffuser!

7. Pregnancy Journal

Pregnancy is a precious event. It lasts only for 9 months but within the 9 months, a lot will happen. The only way the pregnant mom can capture this special 9-month event is to jot down thoughts into a journal and track baby’s progress! Whether it involves emotions, activities, or crazy dreams, it’s worth it to remember!

8. A Couple’s Ticket to an Event

Another thing pregnant moms would enjoy is a FREE ticket to an event with the love of their life. You can make this happen by buying a ticket to a local event or attraction that will allow the couple to enjoy their time and brush up on quality time.

9. A Luxurious Dinner for the Pregnant Mom and her Spouse

Another way you can “make the day” for the pregnant Mama is to pay for a luxurious dinner for her and her spouse. It will give the pregnant Mom the opportunity to dress nice, beauty up, and eat delicious food!

10. A Gift Card for a Shopping Spree

One of the most common tendencies I find among women (including me!) is the love for shopping. If I had the money, I would shop all day, every day, and buy every thing that I want (which, of course, I don’t need). I also find that shopping is a stress reliever, which makes the gift of a gift card the perfect opportunity to help relieve stress for mom.

11. Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes are amazing. I find these super helpful and useful for pregnant moms because it gives them the opportunity to receive different products that will help them throughout pregnancy.

Popular subscription boxes include Bump Boxes, the Stork Bag, Mommy Mailbox, and Bluum.

12. Photo shoot Session

Photoshoots is a great way for mom to capture her pregnancy in images. But I discovered that even when it is a great way to remember pregnancy, most moms don’t have a photoshoot because it is either time-consuming or out of budget.

So what is one great motivator? To pay for a photoshoot session and ALLOW mom to be beautiful in her precious, pregnant body.

13. 4-in-1 Maternity Cardigan – JoJo Maman Bebe

One thing I wish I had during my pregnancy was a 4-in-1 Maternity Cardigan. There are so many ways you can wear it!

You can wear it as an open cardigan, wrapped at the waist and buttoned up, wrapped at the collar, or buttoned up with a loose drape over the bump.

This is a great gift for the pregnant Mama as she can wear it 4 different ways and mix and match her outfits!

Now that you’ve got a great list staring at you, I hope you’ve decided which one will make the pregnant Mom most happy!

Choosing a gift is oftentimes very hard because we never know what that special person would like! But one thing that makes it a tad bit easier is learning different gift ideas from a mom who went through pregnancy herself!

Oh, and one more thing.

If you enjoyed this post, please share? Others may find it helpful as well!

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