15 Items You Should to Add to Your Baby Registry

Creating your very first baby registry may be overwhelming. There are numerous products to select from and you might be tempted to even add them all. But fear not, I’m here today to share 15 of my favorite baby products that I know you will need – for less than $50.00!

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1. Baby Nail Clipper

If you haven’t already purchased one, I suggest you adding a baby nail clipper to your registry.

I know I was using the nail clipper almost every other day because my little one’s nails were growing so fast! Honestly, I’m not sure what I would do without it.

2. Snot Sucker

This is one of those things where you don’t think you need it but let me you in on a secret: the Snot Sucker is going to be your BEST FRIEND.

I was really holding it off thinking I can just use the bulb syringe until I caved in. The syringe took way too long to get any mucus out and by the time I was done, I was already exhausted. Do yourself a favor and have this item added to our baby registry – trust me, you’ll need it!

3. Baby Monitor

If you’re the type of person who likes to get up and do things around the house, I suggest you adding in a baby monitor to your registry.

It’ll be useful when you have guests over or if you’ll be clinking and clonking dishes in the kitchen but do not want your little one to wake up.

We all know how it can be when you spend so much time putting your little one to sleep only to have him or her wake up because of one door squeak! Grrrr…

One of my favorites is VTtech’s Baby Monitor.

4. Bottle Rack

We all need THE RACK. A designated all-in-one place for bottles, nipples, breast pump accessories, you name it! Anything that needs to be washed and dried.

This is placed by my kitchen sink and stays there all day long with bottles hanging – I’d be pretty lost without it.

If you go without one, I’m pretty sure you’ll be squeezing in a small place on the kitchen counter to dry those accessories. Your friends and family can find this for less than $15 at your local retail store.

Personally, I love and suggest the Munchkin Bottle Drying Rack.

5. Zip Front Sleep N Play Onesies

If you’re new to all of this, you’re going to love the Zip Front Sleep N’ Play Onesies. You can easily change your newborn into a new outfit without worrying about sliding it over his or her head – like you would with regular bodysuits.

As a first-time Mom, I unknowingly purchased several packs of newborn bodysuits hoping it would do me good for the first few weeks. Little did I know, it gave me a heart attack more than relief!  For 1) I was afraid to slide it over my daughter’s head and 2) I was afraid I’d break her body! 

Unfortunately, I had no choice but to make the most of my baby bodysuits, which eventually turned me into a professional bodysuit changer 🙂

6. Baby Bath Tub

This is one of the many essential items you should definitely add.

When your baby arrives, you’ll be so glad that you have a bath tub in the closet, ready to go, that you don’t even have to run to the store!

You’ll be able bathe your baby as soon as his/her umbilical cord stump falls off. My little one took about 2 weeks. 

If you’re super picky about finding the right bath tub, I personally recommend this one.

I bought it to replace two previous tubs I used and I’m totally enchanted. It’s my bath-time life saver and works great for all my needs.

7. Infant Hooded Bath Towels

Baby bath tubs are a necessity but so are infant hooded towels!

Infant hooded towels differ from regular towels because it’s more soft and easier to work with. The sizes are smaller and the hood can be used to dry your baby’s hair – if he or she has any 🙂

8. Car seat cover

One thing most parents forget is the need for a car seat cover. A car seat cover can prevent wind exposure to your baby and keep him or her warm during the cold seasons.

Grab your FREE CAR SEAT COVER, using my coupon code LEAP2COVER for $50 OFF!

9. Car seat strap cover

Sometimes I feel like it’s not expressed enough that a car seat strap cover is an important accessory.

When I brought my newborn home, she didn’t have a car seat strap cover. I saw that the straps were brushed up against her precious little skin and wondered why I didn’t think about buying one. It was only after I bought her one that I felt relieved.

You can have this accessory added to your baby registry for less than $10.

10. Burp cloths or Bibs

Okay, you know for sure that you’ll be expecting your little one to burp and spit up right? Then don’t forget to add this item to your registry! Add more than one of it!

I lived and breathe burp cloths and bibs ever since Day 1. I have it on my bed. I have it in the living room. On the counter. On the sofa. Everywhere!

You never know when your little one will spit up so you’ll want to keep it handy at all times.

11. Diapers + Baby Wipes

Diapers. Diapers. Diapers.

Are you planning to use cloth diapers or disposable diapers? Whichever one it is, you’ll need diapers anyways.

They can be pricey and yes they ARE pricey but if you have it on your registry, you’ll be saving yourself some good bucks!

Stock’em. Store’em. And NEVER think that a few boxes of diapers that you received as a gift is enough – because IT’S NOT.

Baby wipes go hand-in-hand with diapers. You’ll need boxes of wipes, which will last longer than diapers but are still good to have, or you can make your own diaper wipes.

12. Baby Thermometer

A newborn is vulnerable to viruses and illnesses and will most likely get sick in their first year, which is why you need a baby thermometer to monitor their temperature.

Preparing a baby health kit is recommended so that you have all essentials you need. A rectal thermometer is most recommended for infants.

Remember that if your little one has a temperature of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or higher, you should get him or her in to see the Doctor.

13. Baby Shampoo/Body Wash

Your baby bath essentials are not complete yet, make sure you also have baby wash and shampoo!

During pregnancy, I was able to stock up a whole cabinet full of baby wash and shampoo that I was able to save money for more than a year without buying any!

Personally, I recommend the Lavender Baby Wash by Johnson & Johnson. It smells amazingly good and it will help soothe your baby to sleep.

14. Backpack Diaper Bag

Remember how you used a backpack in high school and it was okay to carry a lot of stuff?

Well, same concept here. You’ll be packing A LOT of stuff for your baby. You’ll need his/her blankets, diapers, wipes, bottles, formula, etc!

It’s easy to carry. And spacious to use – even I have one! Make it one of the important items to add to your registry!

15. Baby Blankets + Receiving Blankets

Blankets are my all-time favorite. It can never be enough. You’ll be using one blanket and putting it in the laundry next!

So add baby blankets to the list! And a good variety of them!

You’ll want a clean one each time you use one so the more you have, the less you’ll be worried about laundry 🙂

Receiving blankets are also a must! It helps you in so many different ways.

  • Swaddling
  • As a nighttime blanket
  • As a mat for changing diapers
  • As a car seat cover

The list goes on and you’ll only be glad you had them.

Oh, and one more thing.

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2 thoughts on “15 Items You Should to Add to Your Baby Registry

  1. 100% agree with this list. 1st time ever a baby registry list got it right!

    1. Thanks Christie! I use these 15 items on a daily basis as a first-time mom and figured others will need it as well! I’m not sure what I would do without all of these items. Have a great and amazing day!

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