15 Places to Get a FREE Smash Cake for Your Baby’s First Birthday

Celebrating your baby’s first birthday with a smash cake has become increasingly popular among Moms that when it comes to buying a birthday cake, nothing is better than having a free smash cake for baby. Now, who’s excited about that? This Mama is!

But first – what is a “smash” cake?

A smash cake is a cake specifically for your little one to enjoy, play, eat, and smash – in other wordsyour baby’s very own cake to dig in! Smash cakes are normally layered, round cakes that are 4-6 inches wide – the perfect size for your little one to gobble up.

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As your baby’s first birthday approaches, you might find yourself busy planning the event that you won’t have time to bake a cake. But worry no more, there are 15 Places to get a FREE smash cake for baby!

Quick disclosure: Always make sure you verify with the stores below when ordering a cake as different store locations may vary. 

1. Walmart

You can almost find Walmart at every corner of your city, which makes it even more convenient when buying a birthday cake. When you buy a sheet of cake, you also get a free smash cake for baby’s first birthday! How awesome is that?!

2. Safeway

With the purchase of a sheet cake, you get a FREE smash cake as well! Woo-hoo, Mama! Go to your local Safeway store and start ordering 🙂

3. Harris Teeter

If you didn’t know, Harris Teeter also provides a free smash cake for baby’s first birthday. All you have to do is download an application online (or retrieve a print application in-store) and submit it! When baby’s birthday comes around, you will receive an electronic coupon for a free 5-inch cake. Download your application here!

4. Publix

Baby’s birthday is around the corner and there is no better way to celebrate it than with a free smash cake from Publix! Buy a sheet cake and receive a free smash cake – just inform the bakers when you put in your order.

5. ShopRite

Get a free smash cake at your local ShopRite store, no purchase necessary!

First Birthday Planner

6. Kroger

Buy a sheet cake and receive a FREE smash cake! Notify the baker at the time of ordering.

7. Stater Bro’s

With no purchase necessary, you can get a free smash cake at Stater Bro’s! Which is even better when you’re planning a birthday on a budget.

8. Albertson’s Market

Do you have an Albertson’s Market near you? If yes, grab your baby’s free smash cake there! One amazing thing about Albertson’s Market is the Baby Club program. You can save 10% on organic foods and Signature Care diapers, receive email newsletters with extra savings, a birthday card for baby every year, notifications on events and contests, and most importantly, a FREE smash cake for baby. Click to join the Baby Club program today!

9. Stauffers of Kissel Hill

If you live in Pennsylvania, you might find a Stauffers of Kissel Hill near you. Order a 1/4 sheet of cake and get your baby’s smash cake for FREE! Call in to the bakery and notify them when you place your order!

10. Fred Meyer

Do you live in Oregon, Idaho, Washington, or Alaska? That’s great because you get a free smash cake at your local Fred Meyer store! With the purchase of a sheet cake, you also get a free smash cake for baby!

11. Sam’s Club

Similar to its parent company, Walmart, Sam’s Club also give a free smash cake when you purchase a sheet cake! Just notify the baker at the time of ordering!

12. Kowalski’s Markets

Get a free smash cake with a purchase of cake worth $9.99 or more! Click this link to go directly to the store’s website!

13. Lund’s & Byerly’s

When you purchase a 7-inch double-layer cake or larger, you also get a FREE 7-inch single-layer smash cake for baby! Just make sure you bring in your baby’s birth certificate at least 3 days before the celebration!

14. Winn Dixie

Spend $15 in bakery and get a free 5-inch double layer round cake with buttercream icing for baby’s first birthday!

15. Festival Foods

When you order a 1/4 sheet birthday cake, you also get a Free smash cake! Make sure you check in with the bakery when ordering!

Now that you know 15 places to get a Free Smash Cake, I hope you enjoy planning your baby’s first birthday! If you do know any additional places that offers free smash cakes, share with us by leaving a comment below!

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