17 Fun and Memorable Ways to Remember Your Pregnancy

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1. Pregnancy Journal

One thing I wish I did with my firstborn was to invest in a pregnancy journal. I had numerous events and activities that occurred throughout pregnancy that I wish I had jot down because now, I no longer remember those precious moments!

For this reason, I recommend you investing in a pregnancy journal that will help you remember all the struggles, pain, happiness, and joy you went through while carrying that little jewel in your tummy! You can also share your journal with your little one as he or she grows older as a memorable event!

2. Pregnancy Photo Shoot

I find that a photo shoot is one of the best ways to remember your pregnancy. You’re dressed in style, posing beautifully, and showing that gorgeous baby bump of yours, Not only does this capture the golden moment of pregnancy, it also captures the family glow that is shining from your spouse, your precious bundle, and yourself!

3. Photo Album

If you’re uninterested in a photo shoot, you may also take photos the traditional way and compile them into a photo album! It’s one of the best classic ways to remember and capture life events.

4. Photo Book

A photo album is made easy nowadays because of photo books. These are books that consist of photos that are printed within the pages just like a reading book! All you have to do is upload your photos into an online account with a publishing service, add it to your photo book, and customize the book! One popular and well-known publishing service is Shutterfly.

5. Vlog

If you find that pregnancy is more enjoyable by recording your journey, a VLOG (video blog) may be the better choice for you! You’ll be able to replay this precious life event over and over again and never have to worry about maintaining photos, writings, or journals!

6. Blog

Perhaps a vlog is not your ideal choice, you may start an actual blog instead! Writing about your experiences and publishing them can help you (and others) follow along with your pregnancy and learn new things as you go!

Interested in starting a blog? Sign up with Siteground! It’s one of the best web hosting service out there that will help you maintain the perfect blog! Even I’m using it!

For only $3.95/mo, you can easily set a blog today!

7. Weekly Pregnancy Photos

One popular trend I am starting to see is the idea of photographing weekly pregnancy photos. It’s a great way to capture the growth of your little one and comparing his or her size to a fruit or vegetable! That’s right!

Not only do you see the change that is happening with your mom bod (mom body), you are also seeing the change that is growing from within!

8. Scrap-booking

Are you just that person who loves crafty stuff? You can use your ability to create a scrapbook of all the events that occurred during your pregnancy! It can be a creative combo of maintaining a “photo album” and pairing it up with a “side journal”.

9. Using a Shadowbox

If you decide that you just want to make it simple and showcase your pregnancy, you can use a shadowbox to store and show your newborn’s ultrasound photos, clothing, and hats.

It can be a combination of “FIRST’S” stored all in one place. First ultrasound picture. First hat. First onesie. First mittens. First everything!

10. Before and After Photo

Interested in doing a before and after photo? Take a photo that shows your baby bump and take another photo AFTER your baby’s arrival and then compare it side-by-side!

It’s a beautiful way of showing how one precious life was carried and protected in Mama’s belly and the next thing you know, your little one is already breathing the same air as you!

11. Pregnancy Belly Art

Looking for creative ways to remember your baby bump? Have your belly painted and take a photo! There are numerous paintings that you may choose from that will become the BEST painting to remember.

12. Belly Art Casting

Perhaps you want to remember the SIZE of your baby bump? You can try belly art casting! It is a plaster cast of your baby bump that can be painted or designed and used as decor for your house or for your baby’s nursery!

You may find belly art casting kits or hire a professional artist to help you!

13. Create a Picture Slideshow from Start to Finish!

Using the photos you have from Week 1 to Week 40, you can create the perfect slide show that shows your life events during pregnancy! Include ultrasound photos, recordings, photos, and more!

Not sure how to start creating one?

Use Microsoft PowerPoint to create the perfect slide show!

14. Record Baby’s Heartbeat Using a Teddy Bear Recorder

When you first hear your baby’s heartbeat, it is the most joyful feeling ever. In order to remember this feeling, you may use a Teddy Bear recorder to help you capture baby’s heartbeat and have unlimited replays for life!

15. Painting of Your Baby Bump and Use it as a House Decor

If you’re the Mom who has the love for artwork and paintings, you can have a professional artist paint a photo of your baby bump and use it as a house decor! It’s a great way to bring life to your home as well as signify the beauty of your pregnancy!

16. Make a Pregnancy Flip Book

Are you into flip books? Create one using pregnancy photos of your baby bump! You can take one every week or so and compile it into a book to show your belly’s transformation.

17. Customized Souvenir

Try customized souvenirs! You can customize a mug. A shirt. Keychain. Cup.  Anything!

By customizing any item, you can use your ultrasound pictures or pregnancy photos to remember your pregnancy!

Pregnancy is one of the most important and precious event that is worth remembering.

Whether it’s your first one, second one, or fifth! Every baby is a diamond that comes and continues to shine on your life. Each little one has their own story and so do you!

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