Month: March 2018

10 Effective (and PROVEN) Ways to Save for Mothers

Bonjour, Ma! Are you excited to learn 10 effective ways to save?? I know budgeting can be hard sometimes because there are things that you NEED and WANT and sometimes, the WANT part is very hard to hold back on. As a mom, you’re faced with so many bills that it feels like cash just […]

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6 Must-Do’s After You Give Birth

As you head into your third trimester and prepare for the final day, you may want to consider reading a few things that will be helpful during your postpartum period. Besides labor and delivery, you will want to think about any documentations, phone calls, and legal paperwork that will establish the arrival of your baby. […]

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I Tried 3 Baby Bath Tubs and Decided to Stick to This One

(Updated 12/26/2018) Are you facing a dilemma of deciding which baby bath tub you should get? You’re not alone. I was in that same position one year ago. When I was pregnant, I remember looking at my registry hoping to find a good baby bath tub. The only thing is, I didn’t know which one […]

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15 Items You Should to Add to Your Baby Registry

Creating your very first baby registry may be overwhelming. There are numerous products to select from and you might be tempted to even add them all. But fear not, I’m here today to share 15 of my favorite baby products that I know you will need – for less than $50.00! This post contains affiliate […]

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