Day: December 26, 2018

Your Trimester 3 Checklist : 28-40 Weeks

You’re almost there, Mama! Keep it up! By now, your baby bump has grown and you might find yourself waddling like a penguin just to get around. Back pain is unavoidable and 10-minute walks will feel like 1-hour walks. But do not worry Mama! All of this is normal as your body prepares itself for […]

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Your Trimester 1 Checklist : 0-13 Weeks

Your pregnancy test came back positive. You’re facing thousands of emotions. And now you’re in awe. Congratulations Mama! You’ve entered Trimester 1 and have already started growing a little human inside of you. But – what do you do now? This post may contain affiliate links. Please see disclaimer for details. This was the first […]

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Your Trimester 2 Checklist : 14-27 Weeks

Yay Mama! You have completed your first trimester and now you are heading into Trimester 2. The bad news about it is that your pregnancy symptoms are not over yet. The good news is, this trimester will be your favorite! You might find yourself more active, energetic, and full of motivation to take on anything […]

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