22 Ways to Use Diaper Rash Ointments & Creams

As a mom, we always have diaper rash ointments or creams on hand. And of course, we use it for diaper rashes.

But did you know that there’s more than one way of using it?? Actually, there’s a whole list of different ways to use it!

However, do keep in mind that there two types of main ingredient used in diaper rash ointments & creams: Zinc Oxide and Petroleum Jelly

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22 Ways to Use Diaper Rash Ointments & Creams

1. Chapped Lips (Petroleum Jelly-Based)

Did you forget your chapstick? No worries! Grab that tube and apply some ointment to your chapped lips!

2. Hemorrhoid Discomfort (Both Zinc Oxide & Petroleum Jelly)

If you’re experiencing hemorrhoid discomfort, remember that you can use your little one’s diaper rash cream or ointment to help heal the skin and relieve pain. It helps tremendously!

3. Cuts & Scrapes (Both Zinc Oxide & Petroleum Jelly)

Minor cuts and scrapes can be healed by using zinc oxide or petroleum jelly. And that’s exactly what you have in your diaper bag! It helps heal your skin, which can prevent any type of infection from forming.

4. Burns (Both Zinc Oxide & Petroleum Jelly)

Did you accidentally burn yourself? Try using your diaper rash ointment or cream for pain relief and to help reduce redness.

5. Treat Rashes (Both Zinc Oxide & Petroleum Jelly)

Are you mommy-ing out some rashes? Apply some ointment/cream to your skin for relief!

6. Moisturize Face, Hands, and Feet (Petroleum Jelly-Based)

Use your diaper rash ointment as a moisturizer. Believe it or not, it works wonders!

7. Cracked Heels (Petroleum Jelly-Based)

Cracked heels occur at least once in your life. And if that’s you right now, use your little one’s diaper rash ointment to help reduce it! Simply wash your feet with warm water and soap, then apply it afterwards.

8. Itching (Both Zinc Oxide & Petroleum Jelly)

Perhaps you’re itching from an insect bite or you’ve developed a rash that is itchy. Why not use some of that ointment or cream?

9. Removes Makeup (Petroleum Jelly-Based)

Use ointment to remove makeup. Apply it around your makeup areas, such as eyes, cheeks, or lips, and wipe it off for easy clearance!

10. Prevents Messiness When Painting Nails (Petroleum Jelly-Based)

You can paint your nails without any messiness by applying ointment around your nail cuticles, which can help avoid nail polish from brushing over your skin.

11. Prevents Hair Dye Stains (Petroleum Jelly-Based)

We all know dying your hair can get messy. Especially when the hair dye gets on your hair line, forehead, and ears! That’s why you can prevent hair dye stains by applying the ointment to your skin. Simply wipe it off afterwards!

12. Remove a Stuck Ring (Petroleum Jelly-Based)

Sometimes, you didn’t think your finger was that…”fat”…until you tried that ring on and it wouldn’t come off! Oh-oh.

But no worries, it can come off! Try applying ointment around your finger and slowly slide the ring off.

13. Polish Leather Shoes (Petroleum Jelly-Based)

Leather shoes looking dull? Try polishing it with some ointment!

14. Make Shower Curtains Easy to Slide (Petroleum Jelly-Based)

Sometimes, your shower curtains just won’t slide over. That’s why you need to lubricate it! Use your ointment!

15. DIY Lip Gloss (Petroleum Jelly-Based)

You can make your own lip gloss by scraping off some of your eye shadow or blush and mixing it with the ointment. Once the mixture has been fully incorporated, freeze it to harden and use it for a nice night out!

16. Long Lasting Perfume (Petroleum Jelly-Based)

Apply ointment to your skin for a long-lasting fragrance!

Places to apply:

  • Neck
  • Inside wrists
  • Inside elbows
  • Behind your knees
  • Behind your ears

17. Prevent Water Running Down the Eyes of Your Little Ones (Petroleum Jelly-Based)

Use ointment to prevent water running down the eyes of your little ones! It creates a water-protected layer that prevents water from running over the eyes.

18. Crow’s Feet (Laughing Wrinkles) (Petroleum Jelly-Based)

Curious about ways to reduce wrinkles? Applying ointment is one way!

19. Sunscreen (Zinc Oxide-Based)

Use diaper rash cream as a sunblock to prevent sunburns and suntans!

20. Prevents Photo-aging (Zinc Oxide-Based)

Are you seeing signs of photo-aging? Apply some diaper rash cream!

Not sure what it is?

It’s when your skin slowly damages due to prolonged exposure to the sun. If this continues, it may lead to skin cancer. Which is what you don’t want, right?

21. Underarm Odor (Zinc Oxide-Based)

Let’s say you’re out for a walk with your little ones. You’re happily strolling along the sidewalk and all of a sudden, you get a whiff of some bad odor. This odor is not just some normal odor. It’s especially coming from your underarms! But wait. You didn’t bring deodorant!

No worries. You’ve got that diaper bag on the stroller right? Got that diaper cream too? Use it! It helps with bad odors and helps dry the sweat off!

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22. Foot Odor (Zinc Oxide-Based)

If you’re like me, you must be suffering from Athlete’s feet. And ohhh boyy. We all know how bad some smells can get! But it’s okay! Because you can simply apply some cream you have on hand to temporarily remove foot odor. Sounds like a plan?

Diaper Rash (Petroleum Jelly-Based):

Diaper Rash (Zinc Oxide-Based):

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