35 Money-Making Ideas for Moms that Are Worth a Try

Do you often find yourself looking for different ways to make money? Whether you’re a stay-at-home Mom or a work-Mom, bringing in more income always seems to fall into our bucket of life goals.

Perhaps you have a medical bill you’re needing to get rid of, or you have a car loan you want to eliminate, or you have a goal to pay off your mortgage within a year or two.

Whatever the reason is, you want to make additional money so you can acquire bigger dreams and minimize your financial struggles.

I understand because I’m that Mom as well. The good news is, today I’m going to share a great list of money-making ideas that you can try – one of them, I’ve already tried!

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1. Bake & Sell

If you’re the Mom who finds yourself in the kitchen all day trying different cake recipes, you might find this idea tempting. You can bake all the goods you want and sell for additional income.

It’s a popular idea for Mom bakers and it’s a great way to start your own brand if you’d like to open your own business.

If you’d like to start your own home-based bakery, make sure you check with your local and state requirements on selling baked goods. Some states may require you to acquire a food permit before conducting business.

2. Become a Freelancer

Do you have a special skill or expertise you’d like to put to use? You can become a freelancer! Freelancers are self-employed individuals who works with clients based on contracts to fulfill a task. It can be writing, graphic designing, marketing, and more. If you’re interested in becoming a freelancer, make sure you check out these links below.

Freelance Jobs & Information:

3. Photography

Have you always had the love for cameras and photography? You can become a photographer.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a photographer makes an average pay of $15.62 per hour (2017 Median Pay); whereas, a freelance photographer makes an average pay of $25.22 (according to PayScale). If you plan to perform personal work and take up side projects, you may increase your rate.

Several photography projects may include:

  • Weddings
  • Birthdays
  • Senior Photos
  • Special Events
  • Holiday’s
  • First Birthdays
  • Fashion & Model
  • Pregnancy photos

If you’d love to start out a photography business, there are great websites, such as Creative Live, where you can take free online classes on photography and other resources that will be helpful.

4. Sell Stock Photos

Don’t feel like taking photos for clients and projects? Try selling stock photos! Stock photos are commonly used as a marketing tool by businesses and creators for commercial and entertainment purposes.

As a blogger, I often use stock photos for pins (on Pinterest) to bring viewers to my blog (just like the one at the very top!).

As the the blogging industry grows, the demand for stock photos also increases – which makes it a good opportunity for YOU Mama, to start your stock photography business.

Common photos you can take include:

  • Geography
  • Landscapes
  • Office Supplies
  • Nature
  • People
  • Places
  • Color-themed photos
  • Seasonal and holiday theme photos

One great place to sell your work is Creative Market, where creators can sell or buy products and services. If you’re not looking to sell on Creative Market, I still recommend you creating a free account with them. You will receive free goods EVERY MONDAY and I mean, who doesn’t like freebies?

5. Create Web Designs

Skilled in web designing? Create and sell your own web designs! You can create web designs for sale on popular online marketplaces such as Creative Market, Etsy, and Shopify.

Web designers are amazing at building web layouts, WordPress themes, and more. If you’re that person who can solve web designing problems for others, explore that area and start your own career!

Learn how to become a web designer in 5 steps here.

6. Start a Blog

A money-making idea I’m quite familiar with is blogging. Just how I created Leap to Mama World (a blog itself), you can as well!

With a blog, you can share your experiences, knowledge, and skills with others, all while bringing in additional income!

The best part about having your own blog is that you can write and share anything you want. Whether you have the love for finances or the love for health and beauty, you can write about it at your convenience.

A few categories (or niche) to consider include:

  • Finances
  • Parenting
  • Motherhood
  • Pregnancy
  • Sewing
  • DIY Tutorials
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Food
  • Travel
  • Health
  • Lifestyle

Curious about how to start one? Learn more about How to Start a Mom Blog in 5 Ridiculous and Easy Steps.

7. Start a Vlog

Do you prefer recording videos instead? You can become a vlogger (Video Blogger). There are numerous ideas you can vlog about: sewing, crafts, food, games, money, fashion, DIY’s, how-to’s, etc… that can bring an extra side of income to you and your family.

One famous and popular video-sharing web where you can start your business today is YouTube. I’ve seen several “Youtubers” become successful due to their YouTube “presence” (i.e. how popular a Youtuber is, how many videos he or she has, and etc…)

However, with YouTube, let’s keep in mind that you don’t make money based off of the amount of views of your videos but more from ad engagement. Advertisers can choose to pay based off of two models (Cost per View and Cost per Click).

  • Cost per View (CPV) occurs when a viewer watches an ad from your video for more than 30 seconds or more than half of the ad
  • Cost per Click (CPC) occurs when a viewer clicks on an ad during your video

Other variables play a role in how you get paid as well: a viewer’s location, your number of subscribers, the length of your video, etc…

If vlogging sounds like an enticing idea, learn how to create your YouTube business account here.

8. Mystery Shop

Okay Mama. If there was one thing I can attest to, that is we ladies love to shop! And what better is there than there is to shop and earn. That’s right. You can earn just to take a shopping trip that you’re already planning to do. However, make sure you sign up with legitimate companies such as BestMark to find mystery shopping jobs.

Curious about other legitimate mystery shopping websites? Learn more about The Best Mystery Shopping Companies to Work For from The Penny Hoarder.

9. Sell Graphic Designs

Skilled in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, or other graphic designing software? Create graphic designs and sell them. Even simple icons, fonts, or marketing designs can be listed for sale!

I find that the best-selling graphic design products for creators are those with bundles. Bundles typically include more than one item or product and is usually worth more that its listed price.

For example, you can create a Wedding graphic design bundle including:

  • Invitation card designs
  • Wedding shower cards, banners, and signs
  • Icons and graphics

Or you can come up with a T-Shirt design bundle including:

  • Fonts and letters
  • Icons for events
  • Seasonal designs
  • Logos

Any ideas that comes to mind, you can make use of it and find that your skills are more beneficial than you think!

Here are 16 Great Places to Sell Your Design Work Online.

10. Sell Printables

If you love creating organization charts, planners, memos, and more, then you might be in for some good news.

You can sell printables, which are digital and printable content that others find useful and appealing. You can create printable content for different events: baby showers, weddings, wedding showers, bachelorette parties, and other special occasions.

Get creative and sell your digital inventions!

Popular marketplaces such as Etsy and Shopify are great places to start. You can create an account and upload your products. Make sure you read all the terms and policies when creating an account as there are certain fees you may have to pay.

11. Sew & Sell

Perhaps you have a background in sewing? Why not sew and sell? There are numerous clothing articles out there that you can choose to sew and sell – blankets, shirts, customized baby outfits, bibs, etc… – and they’re all great money-making ideas!

And if you’re a beginner but find this idea intriguing, don’t be afraid to try sewing and selling! Even the more simple sewing designs like pillowcases or blankets are great products to start with.

12. Translate Documents

Are you fluent in 2, 3, or 4 languages? You can translate documents online and get paid. Look for online marketplaces such as Fiverr, that sells services to start your translating career.

Additional Links:

13. Write an eBook

If you have the love for writing, you can write your own eBook for sale. Whether it’s a fictional book or instructional book, you can write and publish it under online marketplaces such as Amazon.

As a beginner, it is a good idea to join support groups who can help you grow, review, and edit your content before publishing. Support groups can be found on Facebook and other social networks.

Interested in other places to sell your eBook? Learn more about 32 Places to Publish Your eBook from Small Business Trends.

14. Take Surveys

You’ve probably heard it before but taking surveys can be an easy way to earn additional income.

The only downfall is that taking surveys may be more time-consuming than you think but once you complete a survey, you may earn up to $3-$5. Here are 20 survey sites where you can start earning money (from Survey Cool).

15. Teach an Online Class

Teaching an online class is a great opportunity to earn money if you:

  • Enjoy sharing knowledge
  • Are knowledgeable about a skill or topic
  • Love organizing teaching materials
  • Have the love to just share!

If you’ve heard of Udemy, it is an online teaching website that contains courses for various skills and practices: how to invest, how to make money, accounting, graphic designing, etc…

Other great places to start your online teaching career include:

  • Skillshare, an online community where you can teach and share your skills to students.
  • Teachable, a place where you can create a courses in various topics within minutes.

Share your knowledge and expertise online and price your courses. It will be a great teaching experience, all while earning additional income!

16. Teach English on VIPKID

A new yet exciting idea is to teach English online. VIPKID is a website and online service that allows you to teach English to students in China. The best part about it is that you can do it all while in your home, comfy and secured. The hours are also flexible and the job is less stressful.

With VIPKID, you can earn up to $22/hour, which is a good form of additional income.

Learn more about VIPKID and how it works.

17. Become a Virtual Assistant

If you’re currently a stay-at-home Mom or looking for an opportunity to work from home, becoming a virtual assistant may be an option for you.

As a virtual assistant, you are working for an employer or client and performing tasks such as scheduling calls or meetings, answering emails, preparing statements or letters, or managing appointments.

Still stuck on what services you can offer? Here are over 50 services you can offer (from Mikey Gast) as a virtual assistant.

18. Transcribe

Ever considered transcribing video or audio to text? Perhaps now is the time to start. With transcribing, you can work from home and earn over $20/hour.

Learn how you can start your transcription career by reading this article by Mrs Daaku Studio.

19. Drive with Uber or Lyft

If you are over 21 years old, have a car, and don’t mind using it to drive people around, you can join Uber or Lyft and get paid . I have seen an increasing number of entertainment centers that partners with transportation companies for easier and convenient transportation.

To become an eligible driver for Uber and Lyft, there are a few requirements you must meet:

  • Be over 21 years of age (as mentioned above)
  • Have a 4-door vehicle
  • In-state insurance for your car
  • In-state driver’s license
  • A driving record check and background check

Learn how to become a driver with Uber or Lyft and start earning today. Or, you can learn the differences between both ridesharing services.

20. Sell Stuff on Amazon

Are you hoarding a bunch of usable items that are still in good condition but no longer need it? Why not sell it on Amazon! By selling items on Amazon, you are killing two birds with one stone: getting rid of things you don’t need and earning additional income.

To sell your items on Amazon, you first need to create a Selling Account. You can either sell as an individual or as a professional.

Make sure you read all the terms and policies of selling with Amazon.

There are certain fees to take note of – if you plan to sell less than 40 items a month, you are subject to pay $0.99 per item sold and if you plan to sell more than 40 items, you may need to upgrade to the Professional selling plan with $39.99 monthly fee plus per-item selling fees.

21. Create Fonts

A fun and trendy idea I recently discovered was the ability to create and sell fonts. There are numerous designers out there who enjoy using appealing fonts for marketing and commercial designs.

If you love the art of calligraphy and enjoy making your own, this is for you.

Learn how to create fonts and use these 7 tips to start your font career today.

You can sell it on Creative Market and make extra bucks from bundles or individual sales.

22. Cashback Apps

Cashbacks apps is one exception to this list because you don’t actually earn money but instead, save money. Despite the fact that cashback apps are intended for saving money through each purchase or transaction you make, I wanted to include it to this list because there is a feature that actually allows you to earn additional income: that is to refer a friend and earn on your referral.

See a list of cashback apps below that are beneficial to you and your friends and family:

  1. Ibotta – Ibotta is a cashback app that allows you to scan your grocery receipts for cashback. There are certain products that are featured throughout the week and each time you make a purchase with its partnered store, you can redeem the listed cashback amount. The amazing thing about Ibotta is that not only does it save money for you and your family, it also allows you to share this benefit with other friends and family. Just for sharing Ibotta with friends, you can earn up to $100.
  2. RakutenRakuten is a cashback app and website where you can conduct online transactions or in-store and receive cashback. Each day, the cashback percentage for its retail stores will change and every time you shop through its link and make a purchase, you receive money back. To refer your friends or family to Rakuten, you can received up to $25 for each referral.
  3. Checkout 51 – Similar to Ibotta, Checkout 51 is a cashback app for grocery and household purchases. Each purchase you make, you will need to upload your receipt to redeem the cashback amount. You can refer your friends and earn $5.00 for each referral. However, you must use the Checkout 51 app on your phone or tablet to find your referral code or link.

Looking for my savings ideas? View my full article on 10 ways to save money as a Mom.

23. Recycle For Cash

Recycling is a positive effort to save the environment. Not only do you save the environment but you can also earn extra cash for recycling.

You can recycle plastics, glass, paper, cardboard, aluminum, cans, steel, metal, etc…

Make sure you check with your local recycling center and see what items are acceptable and if cash will be paid for your recycling efforts. Locations may vary.

24. Product Reviews

If you enjoy trying new products, you can get paid for your honest reviews. Companies are looking for individuals who are willing to trying their products and provide feedback.

View the list of 8 places to try product testing by Dollar Sprout.

25. Create Excel Templates

Calling all Excel gurus here.

If you’re Excel savvy and enjoy creating Excel templates, you can turn that into an online job career. There are numerous Excel templates you can create that will be a valuable tool to individuals.

Some examples of Excel Templates include:

  • Budgeting
  • Monthly Expenses
  • Finance Trackers
  • Mortgage Calculators
  • Monthly Income
  • Sales Worksheet
  • Business
  • Loss and Inventory
  • Etc!

Explore the world of templates and start your online biz today!

26. Sell Cricut Crafts

As an owner of a Cricut machine, I can only say that this crafty invention is ahhh-mazing.

Without worrying about making perfect cut-outs out of complex shapes and designs, the Cricut machine is able to complete the task in less than a minute. You can make a variety of cards, envelopes, boxes, stencils for T-Shirts, and more.

I haven’t explored its full potential yet but enjoy creating banners for events, party decorations, and wall art.

Learn more about the Cricut machine here and the different products you can create!

27. Babysit

Babysitting has been a long-time side job that existed for centuries – and this money-making idea is still effective!

Feeding babies, cooking food for children, coming up with activities, and putting the kids to sleep are all tasks you’ve done before – which makes babysitting a tad bit easier to do. You can find jobs by asking neighbors, friends, or even job boards online.

One popular way to start your babysitting career is to create a profile with care.com. It’s an online family care platform where you can find babysitters or become one yourself.

Not only can you provide childcare services but there are also services for parents, pets, and homes.

28. Affiliate Marketing

A common topic among bloggers is affiliate marketing and the best thing about this idea is that you don’t even have to have a blog!

You can create a business account on Facebook, YouTube, and other social media channels to share products and services.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money by recommending or sharing products or services that you have tried.

By telling your story, you can spread the word and also earn income.

29. Online Data Entry Jobs

If you’re quick with your typing skills, you may try online data entry jobs.

Online data entry jobs may vary from verifying information, capturing data and putting into spreadsheets to creating forms and completing reports.

According to the Bureau Labor of Statistics, the top paying states for this occupation are District of Columbia, Connecticut, New Jersey, Washington, and Alaska. If you live in these states, you may be in luck.

The average pay for this job may range anywhere from $11 – $24 an hour.

30. Teach a Cooking Class

If you love to cook and enjoy sharing your cooking skills, try teaching a cooking class.

A cooking class is helpful for others who are seeking to improve their cooking skills as well as learn new foods to try.

Get creative with class ideas!

You can teach classes that shows your students how to cook a full-course French meal or how to make Italian pizza from scratch or how to prepare wedding foods.

You can even share ideas on how to assemble charcuterie boards for breakfast, lunch, or dinner!

31. Create Video Tutorials

Video tutorials have become popular, which helps viewers learn how to perform a specific task or skill.

If you love teaching and have a camera nearby (or even your Smartphone), you can record video tutorials of processes and skills that you are familiar with.

It can be anything from “How to Wrap a Christmas Present” to “How to Create a Paper Airplane”.

Surprisingly, the most simple questions answered can bring the most income to you.

32. Become a Tour or Travel Guide

If you’re familiar with a specific city, town, or location, you can become a tour guide.

There are several individuals who’d love to learn the history and background of attractions and discover hidden gems within cities that are not listed online.

Have several places in mind? Share them!

As of May 2017, tour guides usually get paid from $9 – $22 an hour.

Here are a few places where you can start:

33. Become an Income Tax Preparer

If tax season is near – learn how to become an income tax preparer and make additional income helping individuals file their income taxes.

Income taxes is an important topic that most individuals ignore to learn. The tax system can be a complex concept and the numerous ways that you spend and earn money can play a role in your tax liability.

Learn how to become an income tax preparer here.

34. Sell Planners

Similar to the idea of selling printables, selling planners is a more in-depth opportunity to create and brand your own planner business. Believe it or not, planners are still a growing trend among adults (like me) who loves organization and management.

You can make life planners to help individuals organize their life necessities, finances, and events.

There are blogging planners to help new bloggers create valuable content, promote their ideas, and share new knowledge.

You can create a finance planner for those who are seeking to tidy up their financial situation – debt pay-offs, savings goals, utilities and life expenses. Or create a planner to declutter a person’s personal space – house, room, living room, workplace, etc..The planner list is unlimited!

If you’d like to start your planner business today, learn more about how to create a planner business and where you can sell it. Or, you can sign up for free courses with Lisa Siefert, owner of Pretty Fabulous Designs, on how to create planners.

35. Join DoorDash or GrubHub

As a customer who used one of these services before, I find it so convenient that I can order food and have it delivered within an hour!

If you are looking for a side hustle that requires you to be in your car most times by delivering food for customers, this is a great option.

All you have to do is sign up for a profile with DoorDash or GrubHub and proceed with any of the requirements indicated.

To be a driver, you do need a reliable vehicle, driver’s license, and auto insurance to start but there are no limitations on which car you use.

Oh, and one more thing.

If you found this post helpful, please share? Others may find it helpful as well!



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