5 Key Takeaways from the Moms Meet WOW Summit ’19 – Texas

One of my goals for 2019 was to attend a mom event and I finally crossed it off the list when I purchased my first ticket to the Moms Meet, WOW Summit in Texas.

It was going to be my first event and I was looking forward to the full experience.

I have always heard of how great it is to connect with moms in real-life through events and conferences but never had the chance to try it out until I heard that the summit was coming close to home.

As soon as I learned that the event was only 4 hours away, I didn’t hesitate to grab a ticket!

The WOW Summit is a two-day event for moms, mom bloggers or influencers, and brands to come together, meet and greet, and connect with one another. It’s an event hosted by Moms Meet, a community of moms who are all about opportunity when it comes to a healthier lifestyle. The WOW Summit was divided into two days with day 1 being dedicated to bloggers and influencers, and day 2 is open to all moms. 

The event was held from Friday, September 27 – Saturday, September 28, which makes this a late post, but I wanted to share five key takeaways that made the event worth it!

Before I go on, let me first share with you what Moms Meet is all about!

What is Moms Meet?

Moms Meet is a large community of moms who comes together to connect, network, and grow with one another.

By joining Moms Meet (free to join), you gain access to free natural product samplings, forums, and educational content and webinars that are helpful to you and your family.

It’s a great way to learn more about products you haven’t heard of and you can even start a sampling group with family and friends.

In addition, you may review products and enter into giveaways that are held throughout the year. (Stay up-to-date by following their social media profiles such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter). 

Perform small tasks to earn points and redeem your points for rewards!

Ever since I became a member of Moms Meet, I’ve been able to try new products, meet other moms, and learn more about healthy eating.

The best part about being part of the community was meeting these wonderful moms in-person when I attended the WOW Summit.  Although I was only able to enjoy day 1 of the event, I couldn’t have been more happy that I made the right choice to attend.

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Here are five key takeaways I learned from the event:

1. Connect with moms

The great thing about the summit was the opportunity to connect with other moms.

Prior to the event, all attendees were able to connect with one another by joining Whova. It’s an app or service that allows organizations to manage events, provide event details, and maximize attendee engagement.

As a first-time user, I found the app very helpful when it came to learning the agenda of the event. I knew when each session started and ended and I was able to learn who the speakers were for each session.

Other features I enjoyed include the ability to create threads, comment within threads, and take notes for each session.

I love that I can create conversations with moms and clarify questions I had about the WOW Summit.

One of my concern for the event was that I was taking my toddler with me and wondered if I was able to bring her along on day 1 (for bloggers). The answer to that is yes, kids are welcomed! However, I later learned that it was a true struggle bringing my toddler after I found myself exhausted at the end of the day.

On the day of the summit, all attendees started out in the Hall of Fame, the central conference room in the hotel where lunch was provided (sponsored by Wild Planet). Round tables were placed within the room and was the perfect set up for moms to sit around, chat, and mingle.

2. Learn tips you can use in your blogging journey

Another great thing about the summit was the opportunity to learn tips and tricks I can use in my blogging journey.

Since I only attended day 1 of the event (dedicated to mom bloggers and influencers), most sessions were focused around blogging, branding, and creating great content that is full of value and information.

One of my favorite session was,  “All About the Benjamins: The Many Ways to Make Money as a Content Creator”. In this session, there were 5 panelists, all mom bloggers, who came up to share their personal blogging journey as well as the different ways you can make money as a blogger/influencer.

Another one of my favorite session was, “Manifesting More in Less time”. This session was led by Aaronica Cole, a mom blogger of 10+ years, who shared her tips on how to accomplish more in less time. I learned to use a great tool called, Asana, which is a management tool to help you organize projects and plan tasks.

(Snapshot of day 1 sessions)

3. Empowerment and inspiration

The moment I walked into the Hall of Fame, I was already empowered by all these powerful women who were here to learn, share, and encourage each other on their blogging journey.

It was an open-door policy where we all talked and supported each other’s personal goals, while sharing our best tips to manage the chaos in the house (kids, chores, dinner, etc…).

I was inspired by our five panelists during the, “Manifesting More in Less Time,” session because of the personal experiences each individual went through to become successful.

Some panelists started out their network locally while others gradually built their circle by focusing on email lists and building valuable content.

4. Learn about brands and companies

Towards the end of the event, there’s a designated time slot for the Exhibit Hall.

The Exhibit Hall is where all brands come together, set up their booths, and present their products and services. You get to walk around, learn about products, talk with representatives, and receive free samples.

A few great brands I met include Baby Mum-Mum, Regular Girl, Wild Planet, Ocho, Plus CBD, and more!

Check out my snapshots below:

Lindsay Snack and Go are cups filled with yummy olives. These cute little cups are the perfect size to take on-the-go when traveling on the road. I’ve always had olives with salad or pasta but never considered eating it as a snack.

Another yummy treat we received were Toddler Mum-Mum rice biscuits! My daughter devoured these within seconds because it was so delicious.

Stonyfield Organic Baby Yogurt is full of probiotics and vitamins, which is great for the immune system. My daughter tried some and loved the taste!

5. Get a goody bag worth over $250!

Aside from the free samples I received from the Exhibit Hall, each attendee also received a goodie bag worth over $250. This bag contained samples from sponsors of the WOW Summit.

View some of the individual sample products below:

From Regular Girl – Probiotic and fiber packets (Click to learn more)

From Chum – Fruit bites and snack packs (Click to learn more)

From Just the Cheese – Cheese snacks perfect to grab on-the-go (Click to learn more)

From If You Care  – 100% Biomass Firelighters (Click to learn more)

From Oilogic – Baby-safe essential oil roll-on’s (Click to learn more)

From Sambucol – Black Elderberry vitamin boosters for the immune system (Click to learn more)

From Vermont – Mini beef sticks (Click to learn more)

From The Good Crisp – Canister stacked chips (Click to learn more)

From Yowie – Gummies and Bites (Click to learn more)

There were so many great samples that I couldn’t wait to try it. So far, I’ve tried more than half of the samples within the bag but haven’t finished the other samples.

Overall, I enjoyed the WOW Summit and the experience has been rewarding. I love everything about the connection, education, and product sampling that is provided.

I’ve been able to meet several amazing moms out there and look forward to my next WOW Summit in 2020.

Oh, and one more thing.

If you found this post helpful, please share? Other mama’s may find it helpful as well!


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Gain instant access to my personal collection of 30+ printables for topics such as pregnancy, baby, finance, and more. Plus - get monthly printables sent straight to your inbox.

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