5 Things to Prepare Before You Go in Labor

If you find yourself wondering what you need to do before labor, you’re in the right place.

I remember when I was 7 months pregnant, I would get anxious because I knew my little one was coming – and she was coming soon.

I didn’t know what things I needed to get done and how I should do it. I would ask my family members for advice. I would look online. Take notes. Read pregnancy books.

But what I was looking for was really a condensed list of things I should be prepared for. Not a 2-3 hour research that I need to do to get the information I want. I wanted the best for my baby and I wanted the best for me.

Because I love creating checklists, I decided to share my list of action items you should do before you go into labor.

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1. Register at your delivery hospital

Registering at your delivery hospital is pivotal to a smooth check-in process when you’re ready to go in labor. When you’re contracting, all you know is the pain you’re feeling. Whether you have your documents with you or if you have your insurance information on hand, you don’t care! That’s why in order to avoid an unpleasant check-in process, I suggest you registering ahead.

2. Register for an epidural 

Who knows if you need one or not? You may not plan to get it and if you’ve already gone through labor without it with your other kiddos, you don’t have to. But if it’s your first pregnancy, trust me. You might want to register! I promised myself I would go all natural but in the end, my endurance fell out and I submitted to an Epidural Injection! Oh boy, it helped a great deal!

Make sure you ask your Doctor about the epidural injection so that you understand the benefits and risks of having one.

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3. Compile your documents

The most important thing is to make sure you have all those insurance information and contact information in hand. When your little one arrives, you will want to make sure he or she is all covered under a medical plan. This can be your insurance card and your insurer’s contact number, your employer’s short term disability vendor contact information, your birth plan, etc…

Did you also know you have breastfeeding benefits from your health insurance? Not sure what they are? Read my other post to find out! Here’s a hint – it includes a FREE and necessary item just for you!

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4. Pack your hospital bag 

If you haven’t already done so. Remember to do this. Don’t wait 2-3 weeks before your due date. Pack one month ahead! You never know, you might be in labor one month before your due date. And trust me, you don’t want to rush-pack everything while you’re in pain! If you don’t have a hospital bag yet, check out the Cocoo Diaper Bag Backpack that I recommend.

5. Create your Mama-Care Kit.

This is what takes care of you after you give birth, Mama. If you didn’t plan for your postpartum recovery, I suggest you start now. Check out my other post on Why You Need a Mama Care Kit, and more importantly, what’s in it!

Now that you have a checklist to start with, let’s be prepared!

Oh, and one more thing.

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