50 Fun and Uplifting Activities for Pregnant Moms

Once you’re pregnant, you may have heard that the number of activities you can do is now limited. No more fast-paced biking. No more skiing. And no more sports (that requires a lot of force).

However, just because you’re on “activity control” here, doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. In fact, there are several activities that you can still do that are all pregnancy-safe.

If you find yourself in Trimester 2 looking for a list of activities that are both fun and uplifting, try these 50 activities below!

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1. Yoga

Woman Doing Yoga

Yoga is a safe form of exercise that is recommended for pregnant women. If you’ve hit your second trimester and find yourself more energetic than ever, then yoga is a great form of activity to break a sweat (in a light and safe way). If you’re taking a yoga class, make sure your yoga instructor is aware that you are pregnant so that you can practice yoga forms that are great for breathing, toning muscles, and stretching.

2. Meditation

Black Stackable Stone Decor at the Body of Water

Meditation is one of the most popular and well-practiced activities that can help you in pregnancy. By meditating, you can learn breathing and relaxation techniques that are great for labor and delivery. Not only does it help prepare you for labor and delivery, it also helps you relieve stress by clearing your mind of high-demand situations and worries.

3. Swimming

Aerial Photo of Woman Wearing White and Blue Bikini Top Standing on Swimming Pool

Don’t skip out on your summer beach swims! In fact, swimming is recommended and safe for pregnant women as well. It helps with blood circulation, which is essential for you and your baby, and also helps with toning muscles. Because the water’s buoyancy helps your body stay afloat, the effect of gravity is reduced. Go for a nice swim on the beach Mama, or enjoy your day at a pool!

4. Walking

Photo of Woman Wearing Pink Sports Shoes Walking

Walking is the simplest form of exercise you can do yet so powerful. A 15-minute walk on a daily basis is good enough to help your blood circulation operate normally and keep your health in shape.

5. Start Pilates

Woman in Red Shirt Sitting on Fitness Equipment

Want to learn a new form of exercise? Try Pilates! Pilates focuses on improving your flexibility and muscle strength. As you strengthen your core muscles, you can also reduce back pain or lower hip pain. Make sure you check with your Doctor before starting Pilates to ensure that it is okay for you and your baby.

6. Try a Dance Class

If you’re looking for a fun activity to do, try dancing! Dancing helps you get your cardiovascular workout in and you can build your muscle strength. Consult with your Doctor before taking a dance class.

7. Mini Golfing

Silver Wedge Golf Club Beside Ball

Perhaps you’re in the mood for some mini golf? Plan a day out and go mini golfing. You will get your daily exercise in as well as enjoy some entertainment.

8. Weight training

Weight training can be a helpful way to reduce back pain during pregnancy because it helps strengthen your lower back muscles and abdominal muscles. It can also keep your weight in a healthy range during pregnancy. Make sure you consult with your Doctor before you attempt strength training.

9. Low Impact Aerobics

Low impact aerobics, such as swimming, walking, cycling, and elliptical machine exercises, are great exercises and activities that can help with toning of the muscles. Not only does it strengthen body muscles, it also helps keep your weight gain within range and helps you sleep better at night. Low impact aerobics always keep one foot on ground; therefore, doesn’t apply stress to the joints and protects your pelvic floor.

10. Cycling on a Stationary Bike

Try cycling on a stationary bike. Stationary bikes differ from road bikes because it supports your full weight; meanwhile, road bikes challenges your full weight and balance. With a stationary bike, you can strengthen your leg muscles and have a cardio work out.

11. Picnic at a Park

Selective Focus Photography of Watermelon

I love picnics and I bet you do too Mama! Plan a family day at the park for some BBQ and bask in the smell of those hamburgers and hot dogs! Yum~

12. Go to the Zoo

 3 Monkeys on Brown Wooden Palette

Take a stroll around the zoo and enjoy your sight, all while getting in your daily walk for the day.

13. Have a Fun Day at the Aquarium

Black and Gray Fish

If you love underwater adventures, then spending a day at the aquarium might be for you. You might even get to meet your “Finding Nemo” characters!

14. Schedule a Maternity Photoshoot

Woman in Black Long-sleeved Shirt Using Camera

Have you been wanting to schedule a maternity photoshoot? Start one today! You can dress up nice, feel pretty and glam, and take pregnancy photos that will last forever. If you have a pregnancy journal, these photos will fit perfectly in your journal for safe-keeping.

15. Go on a Shopping Spree

Two Woman Standing On Escalator

If you’re like me, you’d agree that a shopping spree is both exciting and leg-working. You can shop for all things you need, all while working out your legs – which keeps you in good health throughout pregnancy!

16. Have a Pedicure

Brown Chair With White Pillows

Feeling like your feet needs some love? Go for a pedicure! It is always relaxing to have one and you even get pretty toenails at the end!

17. Go Stargazing

Silhouette of Spruce Trees Under Starry Night

How about some night sky glow? Go stargazing with your partner and enjoy the scene!

18. Visit a Botanical Garden

Pathway Between Pink Tulip Flowers

Find the nearest botanical garden and make a visit. It’ll be your baby’s first unofficial visit to a garden full of flowers and you can even take pregnancy photos!

19. Get a New Haircut

Maybe your hair needs a new hairdo. Go for a new haircut and have it styled! You will feel refreshed and renewed.

20. Dine in at a Restaurant that You’ve Always Wanted to Visit

Silver Spoon and Forks Beside Vegetables

Think of a restaurant that you’ve always wanted to try……

Did you find it? Good!

Schedule a dinner date or simply walk in to try the food you’ve been wanting to eat!

21. Visit a National Park

Grass Field Under Blue Sky

Plan your day at the National park. You can enjoy the view as well as peace and quiet.

22. Go to a Museum

Group of People on Museum

Science museum. Children’s museum. Historical museum. Which one sounds intriguing?

23. Go on a Weekend Getaway

Plan a weekend getaway with your spouse and have fun! Whether it’s a 3-day weekend to a resort, a cabin, or a popular city, you can find a list of activities to do and still get in your daily walks.

24. Schedule a Dinner Train Ride

Train by Trees Against Blue Sky

Go back in time and experience a train ride, all while eating! You’ll gobble up the beautiful scene outside as well as the food in front of you!

25. Camp Out at Your Backyard

Person Inside Tent Near Mountains

Feeling adventurous? Take a little camp adventure right in your backyard! Tell ghost stories, make S’mores, and laugh all night. The good thing about it is that you’re only a couple steps away from your home so if you ever need anything for your comfort, everything is right at your fingertips.

26. Take a Cooking Class

Chef Preparing Vegetable Dish on Tree Slab

Have the love for food? Learn to cook it! Take a cooking class and learn all the top-class techniques on food preparation.

27. Take a Painting Class

Expand your interests and try a painting class. Schedule a class or session and have your spouse go with you for added fun!

28. Get a Makeover

Top View Photography of Pink and White Rose Flowers in Vase Beside Assorted Cosmetics on Pink Surface

In the mood for a makeover? Take pretty baby bump photos with a refreshed look.

29. Schedule a Food Tour

Discover new foods by scheduling a food tour. You’ll learn new information about different foods and the best places to eat at!

30. Have a Prenatal Massage

As your pregnancy progresses, back pain may be one constant pregnancy symptom that you’ll be experiencing. Schedule a day for a prenatal massage and you’ll feel better in no time.

31. See a Broadway Show

Schedule your evening to see a Broadway show. Whether it’s Aladdin, Phantom of Opera, or The Lion King, bring the show to life and experience it first-hand.

32. Take a Bus Tour

Visiting a new town or residing in a new town? Take a bus tour and go sightseeing! The best part about it is that you get to sit throughout the ride, all while enjoying the scenery.

33. Relax at an All-Inclusive Resort

Coconut Tree Lot

Planning a vacation? Try an all-inclusive resort that has a list of activities you can do on-site: swimming, spa, eating, night entertainment, etc.

34. Visit a Famous Tour Attraction

Vehicles Parked Beside Buildings Under Red Chinese Lanterns

Residing in New York? Visit Central Park! Living in San Francisco? Walk around Chinatown! Instead of staying cooped up in your house, step outside and walk around a famous attraction for some delicious eye candy!

35. Dine in at a Luxurious Restaurant

Photo Of A Toast

Glam up and feel pretty Mama! Book dinner at a luxurious restaurant with your partner so you can ignite that youthful lady inside of you once again.

36. Sew Clothes

Green Yellow Red Needle Pin and Safety Pins

Have the love for sewing? Get back in gear and start sewing clothes again! If you’re new to sewing, you can also learn to sew and take on mini projects to make it fun! Try sewing baby clothing such as bibs, burp cloths, pacifier clips, tops, dresses, and bottoms. With a goal in mind, you will find this activity more enjoyable.

37. Go to the Movies

Need a movie night? Buy tickets for that latest movie that just came out. Maybe you were eyeing a romance-type of movie or an action movie that you’ve been wanting to see!

38. DIY Craft

Woman Pouring Down a Brown Paint

Bring out that crafty Mama inside of you and let’s get to work! You can make DIY candles, a scrapbook paper, a chandelier for baby, nursery wall art, and so many more!

39. Take a Factory Tour

Factory tours are always amusing to watch. You get to learn how specific food products are made, how items are manufactured, and the type of processes and environment that it takes to get the work done. Check in with your local area to see if there are any factory tours available.

40. Go on a Boat Tour

Feeling in the mood for a boat ride? How about a boat tour! There are boat tours out there that has performances and entertainment on-board. Or just a simple cruise around the city can be enjoyable.

41. Attend a Free and Local Concert Outdoors

Check which local events are in play and plan your evening for some great jazz and music show.

42. Stroll Around a Flea Market

Assorted Vegetable Lot

Support your local food market by strolling around a flea market. Make sure you use a shopping cart to avoid carrying heavy items. Check the available dates and time so you can plan accordingly.

43. Attend a Comedy Show

We all love a great laugh here and there and there’s no better way to have it than to attend a comedy show. Comedy shows are great for girls night, couples night, or even a “just-you-kind-of-night”.

44. Visit a Vineyard

Purple Grapes Tree Under Gray Skt

Perfect scenery for some pictures and grape picking! Spend a day at a local vineyard and take out your camera for some great photo shoots. You can even learn about the process of making wine.

45. Go Apple or Berry Picking

Red Apples on Tree

If it’s currently in season, you can go to an apple farm or berry farm for some picking. Find your local farm and see what available times they have and schedule a day for a fun day out.

46. Enjoy the Day at the Arcade

Woman Standing in Front of X-treme Arcade Machine

Find the little girl inside yourself and go out for some games. Whether it’s the Pac-Man you used to love or the simple Whac-a-Mole, you can always find a game you like from the Arcade and play it! Win tickets, win prizes, and win an unforgettable memory!

47. Go to a Street Festival

Two Person Standing Near Assorted-color Paper Lanterns

Festivals are held throughout the year and they’re always fun to attend to. Check to see what local festivals are happening right now and have a visit.

48. Book a Cabin

Brown Wooden House Beside Trees

Plan your weekend getaway at a cabin. You’ll be in for nature views, mountains, and peace!

49. Attend a Mommycon Event

What’s Mommycon? It’s an event for a community of parents to meet up, learn educational information about breastfeeding, babywearing, and natural birth. Being a parent is no easy task but with all the resources at your fingertips, you can face the roadblocks with confidence and support. Learn more about Mommycon here.

50. Attend a Big City Moms Event

Big City Moms event is an event known as the, “Biggest Baby Shower Ever”, with numerous baby products to try, buy, and take home. All the latest gears, accessories, and baby products are at your fingertips. Parenting experts are also available to provide information on sleep safety, baby health, and more. Learn more about it here!

Now that we’ve listed 50 fun and uplifting activities for pregnant Moms, which ones are you going to try?

Have an idea that’s not on the list? Comment below and share with us!

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