6 (Must-Do’s) After You Give Birth

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Are you super excited about your new addition?? Congrats, Ma!

But did you know that there were a few extra steps you needed to do after birth? Before you get too comfy, let’s learn a few thing that you must do postpartum.

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6 (Must-Do’s) After You Give Birth:

1. Call Your Insurance Carrier

If you’re currently working for an employer and was not informed of this process. Make sure you call your insurance carrier to add your little one to your medical plan. The insurance carrier will need to know his or her name, date of birth, and verification that he or she is really your child.

Keep in mind that the insurance carrier will require a Social Security number and a copy of the birth certificate to validate your relationship.

But don’t worry, I’ll further explain how you can acquire those in the steps below!

2. Call your Short-Term disability vendor

Are you going on Maternity leave?

If you are, make sure you call to notify your disability vendor as soon as you give birth! The vendor will need you to provide the last day you went to work, baby’s birth day, and the amount of time you plan to take your leave.

After the call has been completed, you’re all good to go!

3. Find a Pediatrician and schedule your Newborn’s First Doctor appointment

Are you super picky about choosing a Pediatrician?

Then start researching now, Mama! Find which provider suits you best and have the provider’s information in your diaper bag before you go to the hospital. Make sure you choose a provider that is within your insurance’s network or else you’ll be paying Out-of-Network rates for healthcare – which is what you don’t want since those rates tend to be higher!

After you give birth, the Nurses may ask if you have a Pediatrician in mind. If you do, the Nurse will then contact your baby’s Pediatrician so that he or she can follow-up with your newborn’s health during the hospital stay.

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Also, don’t forget to schedule your baby’s first Doctor appointment for continued care.

It’s important that you jot this “must-do” item down so that you don’t have to do any last-minute research for a Pediatrician. Save yourself some time and get your newborn cared for!

4. Fill out a Birth Certificate form

Shortly after you’ve been rolled out into a postpartum room, expect to fill out a birth certificate form. This form is used to establish your baby’s birth date in the government’s system. You’ll have to fill out the name, date of birth, father (if applicable), address, and all the other essential information that will identify your baby and you.

Keep in mind that you won’t get a birth certificate immediately. You will have to get a copy yourself.

If you want a copy of the birth certificate, here are a few things you can do:

  • Visit your local vital records office and apply for a copy of a certified birth certificate. Expect to fill out an application and wait for a while (because we all know how busy these offices can be!). Once complete, you’ll have a copy in hand! I recommend you arriving early to the office so that you are one of the first person who receives help. The sooner you’re in, the sooner you’re out.
  • Go online and use VitalChek to order a copy of the birth certificate, which will be mailed to you. You will receive the birth certificate in the mail within a few weeks-this will be stated in your confirmation email. 
  • Fill out a birth certificate application form and mail it in. You can find the application form from your state’s vital records website or Department of Health. This method takes a tad bit longer as it may take more than 2 weeks to receive it in the mail. If you’re needing an immediate copy of the certificate, it is best to visit the local vital records office in person.

Remember that there will be a fee for each copy you request. Make sure you prepared payment before you go into the office or send the application in the mail.

5. Apply for a Social Security number

This goes hand-in-hand with your birth certificate form. When you receive the birth certificate form, you may also receive an application to apply for your newborn’s social security number.

After you completed the application, you can expect to wait a few days before the card in the mail.

6. Update your W-4-Employee Allowance and Additional Withholding

As soon as your baby is here, update your W-4! You can claim an additional allowance on your taxes which will reduce your payroll taxes on your paycheck! The added bonus is that when you file your taxes at the end of the year, you will also get a Child Tax Credit! Sounds amazing, right?

Oh, and one more thing.

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