9 Places to Create Your Baby’s First Photo Book

Are you looking for a quick and easy solution to photo albums without the hassle of sliding individual photos into heavy pages? You can try photo books.

In the past years, traditional photo albums have been a popular method in collecting family photos into a book in which you print out photos from a camera, slide it into a pocket of the page, and flip the bulky pages as you go. However, new ideas emerged as technology improved and photo books were created.

With photo books, you can upload photos into an app or onto your computer desktop, customize the design and theme of your book, and have it ordered all within seconds! It’s easy, convenient, and accessible.

Pictures will be printed within the pages – just like a regular book – and you don’t have to worry about flipping bulky pages. Captions and notes may be added next to your photos, depending on the design you choose, and you can even add fun and cute graphics.

Some baby photo book ideas include:

  • Baby’s First’s photo book
  • Milestones photo book
  • A vacation type of photo book
  • Baby’s first birthday
  • From birth up until a year old (or older)
  • A journey or experience

The most common size photo book (8.5 x 11) costs an average of $19.99 for a hard cover with 20 pages. Depending on where you purchase your book and the size you are seeking, the cost may be less or more.

Here’s a list of places where you can create your baby’s first photo book.

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1. Shutterfly

If you love discounts, deals, and free shipping offers, Shutterfly is the place to go. An internet-based image publishing service that has been around since 1999 has a variety of products catered to your needs. If you’re looking for cards, photo prints or photo books, you can create your customized product here.

For a 8 x 11 photo book, you’ll be looking at $20 a book, which comes with 20 pages and a hard book cover. If you prefer a soft cover, the price reduces to $12.99 for 20 pages.

You’ll find a collection of designs and themes you can select from and once you select your design, you can customize the layout of each page and insert photos and captions. It’s simple, convenient, and fun to create!
Start your baby’s first photo book at Shutterfly for $20 today.

2. Google Photos

Google is known as a hub of productive applications and tools and they didn’t fail when it came to personal photos as well. If you have a Gmail, you already have access to Google Photos, which gives you FREE and UNLIMITED storage for photos and videos. This is where you can create your photo book.

The only downside to Google Photos is that there are no designs and themes pre-made for your photo books. It will be a plain, white book filled with pictures of your own. Customization tools are limited as well but it is great if you are looking for something easy and classic.

From a desktop browser, you may log into your Gmail and open up the Google Photos application. With the Assistant feature, you can create photo books, collages, and more.

If you have the Google Photos app, then simply open it up and start creating! It’s really that easy!

Book Size Price Pages Price Per Additional Page
7 x 7 $9.99 20 $0.35
9 x 9 $19.99 20 $0.65

3. Mixbook

Another great place to create your photo book is Mixbook. With Mixbook, you can select your own design from a library of styles for baby girls and boys. You’ll also find discounts and deals available as a new customer when you place your first order.

Similar to Shutterfly, you can customize your page layouts and designs as you wish.

The only difference is that with Mixbook, you can modify and change borders of your photos, edit and enhance images and apply shadows or opacity; whereas, Shutterfly only allows you to apply filters to your photos. In short, Mixbook provides more designing tools than Shutterfly.

Start your baby’s first photo book at Mixbook starting from $15.99

4. Blurb

Blurb is another great place for photo book creations. This online publishing platform allows you to publish quality prints, books, and eBooks. With Blurb, you’ll be able to fully customize your book in any way you desire. However, there are more steps involved in creating your photo book. You will need to download a book publishing software to perform your work.

With Blurb, you can:

  • Create your own page layouts
  • Create your own designs
  • Insert photos and captions
  • Create shapes
  • Change background colors

If you are familiar with designing tools (i.e. Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Publisher), then Blurb is the tool for you.

Pricing is as follows:

Book Size Price Pages Price Per Additional Pages
7 x 7 $14.99 20 $0.20
8 x 10 $21.99 20 $0.25
10 x 8 $21.99 20 $0.25
12 x 12 $58.99 20 $0.50
13 x 11 $61.99 20 $0.50

Learn more about Blurb here.

5. Walmart

You may find a Walmart at every corner in town, which makes it convenient to create and buy your photo book.

With Walmart, all you have to do is create an online account, select the size of your book, and pick a theme from over 60 styles and designs. Inserting photos are super easy and you can even pick up the book on the same day you ordered it. The maximum number of pages for same-day pickup is 40 pages.

See pricing below:

Book Size Price
5 x 7 $9.96
8 x 8 $17.96
8 x 11 $18.96
11 x 14 $54.96
12 x 12 $42.96

To start your photo book with Walmart, click here.

6. Snapfish

Snapfish is an online photo publishing service based in San Francisco, California. With its various products available, you can customize and create your own products by uploading photos and turning it into a memento of previous journeys and events. Amazingly, you can also create baby’s photo book with Snapfish. It’s easy to start and easy to finish.

There are currently 8 book sizes and over 100+ themes to select from. Whether you like a nautical look or a botanical-theme book, you can customize it any way you want and design your page layouts.

For a 8 x 11 hard cover photo book, prices start from $39.99 with 20 pages included.

How to Start:

  1. Access Snapfish by clicking here.
  2. Select your book size.
  3. Choose your theme.
  4. Create an account (for first-time customers).
  5. Enter the project space.
  6. Start uploading and designing your book!

What I love about Snapfish is the designing tools. Within the project space, you can select from several designs (or themes), choose embellishments, layouts, colors, borders, and insert pre-made texts and quotes. Overall, you can make your pages pretty without doing much of the work!

7. Walgreens

Perhaps you have a Walgreens nearby? You can create and order a photo book there!

Walgreens not only sell medical supplies and medication but they also sell photo printing services. You’ll find various products available (posters, pictures, cards, stationary, etc…) in-store or you may create your custom products online.

With a standard 8.5 x 11 hard cover book, prices start from $39.99 with 20 pages included. You can select from over 60+ themes for your baby photo book. Walgreens share a similar project space to Snapfish in which you can add embellishments, backgrounds, text, and borders.

The only difference is that within the project space, there are fewer designs to select from compared to Snapfish.

To start your baby book with Walgreens, click here!

8. CVS

Just like Walgreens, CVS is a popular and well-known pharmacy that sells medical supplies and medications. If you have one near you, then choosing CVS may be one of your closest options.

For a 8.5 x 11 double-sided book, prices start at $19.99 with 20 pages included. You also receive same-day pickup! You can choose from over 80 themes and design your book within the project space.

Just like Walgreens and Snapfish, CVS shares the same project space in which you can design your book and customize it any way you want.
To start your photo book with CVS, start here.

9. Target

As a fan of Target, I love it even more that they offer photo printing services. One more area that they didn’t fail in is photo books – where you can create your baby’s first photo book! Whether you have a store nearby or if it’s online, you can customize and order your photo book within seconds.

There are two ways you can receive your photo book and each method has a difference in the book sizes available. Target has Ship to Home or Print to Store.

  1. Ship to Home: With ship to home, you can choose sizes 12 x 12, 8.5 x 11, and 6 x 8. You can personalize your photo book and have it shipped within 3-4 business days.
  2. Print to Store: With print to store, you have three sizes available: 8.5 x 11, 6 x 8 and 5 x 7. You can create your book and have it picked up near a participating location. Note that not all stores have a pickup option. You will need to view store participation at the time of selecting the book of your choice.

For a 8.5 x 11 book, prices start from $19.99 with 20 pages, each additional page is $1.50.
To start your photo book venture with Target, click here.

How to Find the Right Photo Printing Service

With so many photo printing services available, you may find it hard to decide which one to choose from. However, the decision is actually not as hard as it seems.

A few questions you may want to ask yourself include:

  • What is my budget? – How much do you want to pay for your photo book and which options are more affordable?
  • Do I want pre-installed themes or designs? – Are you looking for pre-made designs that are already pretty, creative, and appealing?
  • Do I want to design the book in simple steps or do I want to design my book using all tools available? – Blurb is known as a book publishing platform in which you will have all the tools you need to design your book. The tools may be more advanced for those who are beginners but may be the best option for those who loves using designing softwares (i.e. Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Publisher).
  • Do I want a small photo book or a large photo book? – Most photo books are available in several sizes but the standard is 8.5 x 11.

Once you understand which book is the right fit for you, then you’ll be on your way to designing baby’s first photo book! Good luck!

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