91 Things You Can Do With Your Child Before the Age of 2

Are you stuck finding fun things to do with your little one? Because this list will help you do so.

Whether your baby is a few months old, a year old or almost two, this list can serve as your baby’s bucket list for the first two years.

You’ll receive great ideas on places to explore and visit, a list of activities you can do as well as entertainment you can both enjoy!

Having a baby doesn’t mean that you can’t do fun things anymore, it only means that you have to adjust what defines “fun” right?

The good thing is, there are tons of things you can do that are baby-friendly. Taking a walk at the park, listening to music, reading books….and so much more.

Here is my compiled list of 91 things you can do with your little one before he or she turns 2. You will find that this list is divided into two parts: by places to visit and by activities and entertainment. Enjoy!

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Places to Visit

1. Botanical garden

2. Your local park

3. A national park

Red Rocks

4. Aquarium

Gray Fish

5. Science museum

Close-up of Microscope

6. Children’s museum

Multicolored Museum Sign

7. Waterfall park

Landscape Photography of Waterfall

8. Water park

People on Swimming Pool Area

9. Splash pad

10. Outlet mall

clothes on sale

11. A berry farm

Blue Berries

12. An apple orchard

Red Apples on Tree

13. A peach orchard

Pile of Bags of Peaches

14. An orange orchard

Photo of Pile Of Oranges

15. A pumpkin patch

Photo of Field Full of Pumpkins

16. Your local city’s landmarks

Blue and Gray High Rise Building

17. The beach

An Island with Cottages and Beach Chairs.

18. A monument

Black and Gray Angel Statue Decor

19. An amusement park

People Riding Carousel in Park

20. River parks

Amazing landscape of peaceful river surrounded by forest

21. SeaWorld

Gray Fish

22. Crayola Experience

Crayola Experience

23. Legoland


24. A pet store

Brown White Hamster

25. Library

26. Food flea market

35mm, 35mm film, analog photography

27. Festival

Assorted Hanging Paper Lamps

28. State fair

Super Dog Hot Dog Food Stall in Front of Ferris Wheel during Nighttime

29. The lake

Scenic View of Lake in Forest

30. The zoo

Photography of Rhinoceros Near Body of Water

31. The playground

Blue Swing Playground

32. Disneyland or Disney World

Photo of Person Holding Balloons

33. A toy store

Brown Teddy Bear Near Red Miniature Telephone Booth

34. Bass Pro Shop (has beautiful decorations that mimics an outdoor world)

35. Indoor play centers

Examples include Chuck E. Cheese, McDonald’s indoor playground, Dave & Buster’s, playground for babies and toddlers, etc…

36. Flower field

Purple Petaled Flower Field

37. Drive-through attractions (movie theater, zoo, safari, etc…)

38. Art museum

Orange and Blue Abstract Painting

39. Railway museum

Train by Trees Against Blue Sky

40. Cruise ship

White Red and Orange Cruiser Ship on Body of Water during Daytime

41. A family-friendly resort

View of Tourist Resort

42. Café

Table in Vintage Restaurant

Activities and Entertainment

43. Have a stacking session by stacking up cups or other items

44. Paint with colors by putting different paints in a plastic storage bag with a white paper to avoid the mess, and have baby press on top of the bag as the colors spread out

45. Do a ball drop using using plastic balls and empty paper towel (or toilet roll) tubes

46. Read a book together

Man in Gray Shirt Holding Baby in White Onesie

47. Play with stickers

48. Go swimming

2 Girl's Swimming during Daytime

49. Go to your local flea market

Person Standing in Front of Brown Crate

50. Go to the state fair

Woman Standing on Metal Fence Near Boy Wearing Black Cap

51. Go to a local festival

Black and White Ferris Wheel

52. Play with water beads (under supervision)

53. Create baby’s first canvas using baby’s foot print

54. Attend your local library’s book club

Man Reading Book Beside Woman Reading Book

55. Go to an indoor playground

People Playing At The Ball Pit

56. Go on a neighborhood walk

White Blue and Gray Concrete Building

57. Play with balloons

Purple and Red Balloons

58. Have tummy time

59. Play peekaboo

Child Covering His Face with Sandy Hand

60. Stargaze indoors using a night light projector

61. Have a puppet play

62. Attend a mom event near you

Free stock photo of accurate, boy, build, building

63. Go to your local library’s story time session

Woman Reading Book to Toddler

64. Go on a picnic

Three Donuts on Plate

65. Go on a hike

Shallow Focus on Blond Haired Woman in White Long Sleeve Shirt Carrying a Baby on Her Back

66. Play with building blocks

67. Go to a music-for-baby class

A Girl Holding Brown Ukulele

68. Try finger-painting

Use tempera paint for kids.

69. Try a DIY edible slime activity for kids

2 cups of water, 6 tbsp of tapioca starch, and 6 drops of food coloring

70. Do a DIY ball-drop using empty toilet roll tubes and pom-poms

71. Create a sensory bin using various items (cooked spaghetti, buttons, ice, jello, sand, rocks, blocks, uncooked beans, rice, animal toys, etc…)

Girl Holding Yellow Plastic Cup Full of Macaroni

72. Play inside a cardboard box tunnel

Brown Cardboard Box on Brown Wooden Table

73. Sing nursery rhymes together

74. Have a play date

Children's Team Building on Green Grassland

75. Have a bubble party

Girl Making Bubbles Selective Focus Photography

76. Play with a sprinkler pad

77. Create a DIY coin-drop activity using large buttons and a tissue box

78. Have a threading session using a shoelace and a hole-punched empty toilet paper roll tube

79. Play with magnetic letters

80. Play with a fabric mystery box by placing pieces of fabric in a tissue box for baby to pull out

81. Play in a ball pit

Photo of Ball Pit Balls

82. Do a pour-and-scoop activity using a cup and a large bowl of dry cereal

Granola in Container

83. Go to a Christmas holiday light event

Illuminated Christmas Lights at Night

84. Take pictures with Santa Claus

Man in Red Santa Claus Costume Standing Beside Toddler

85. Play with a busy board

86. Go on a bike ride (use a bike trailer or carrier for baby)

Man and Woman Riding Bicycle

87. Ride a merry-go-round

88. Go to a local arcade for kids

89. Create a DIY foot rattle

90. Go to a baby yoga class

Woman Wearing White Sleeveless Top

91. Attend a Mommy and Me fitness class

Excited barefoot ethnic mother and cute girl doing stretching exercises together

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