A Trip to Pumpkin Town – 2021

It’s autumn season and Halloween is one day away – my daughter and I decided to take a trip to our local Pumpkin Town for one last trip before the end of this fun, Fall attraction.

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Pumpkin Town

Pumpkin Town, a local Fall attraction that opens from September to October, is one of the most popular attractions for parents like me who is looking for fun things to do with our children.

They have a pumpkin patch, slides, a 3.5-acre corn maze, a Giant Jumping Pillow, a Cow Train, Tractor Tire Swings, and so much more. There are drinks and food sold on-site as well as eating areas available for families who prefer to bring their own foods.

For adults and older kids, there is a haunted attraction called Insanity Farms that is open every Friday and Saturday night. Insanity Farms include a haunted corn maze, a pallet maze, and a zombie paintball.

The Pumpkin Patch

One of the first things we explored when we got there was the pumpkin patch. There was a field filled with pumpkins all over the place with two cute board signs for photo-taking. My daughter was so excited to see the pumpkins that she ran up to the very first one for a photo. We also made sure we got a picture with Pooh Bear, Tigger, and Piglet!

Animal Attractions

Our next adventure was to explore the animal attractions: the goat walk, the petting zoo, the duck pond, and the chicken coop.

We visited the horses, camels, and chickens, and even had the chance to feed the goats. Here’s a close snapshot of the ducks swimming in their little pond.

Pumpkins, Jumping Pillows, and More

The pumpkin store was our next stop. They sold home décor, pumpkins, and other Fall decorations. The neat thing about the store is that, visitors who are only interested in buying pumpkins and not the attraction can enter at any time to shop around without paying admission.

We also spent a good couple of minutes playing with the mini pumpkins that were scattered over their haystack.

As we continued to explore, we stopped to take more photos with our next attractions.

The Giant Jumping Pillow was the biggest hit of all. My daughter spent the longest jumping on this pillow among other children and would have continued jumping if I didn’t tell her that it was time to head home. After all, we spent a whole day here and I was already hungry and exhausted.

On our way out, we made sure we grabbed our free mini pumpkin that was available on-site. My daughter picked out her own pumpkin and was happy to find the perfect one.

Did you visit your local pumpkin patch this year? If so, comment below and share with us what you did!

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