Baby Essentials for Outdoors – in the Summer!

Baby Essentials for Outdoors - in the Summer!

It’s Summer season and there are so many things you want to do! You have the park to think about, the beach, a picnic to plan, and perhaps a day at the fair? But wait! Baby’s coming along too so what items DO you need to pack?

You know it’ll be hot, heated, and humid. Notice how much “H’s” those are? That’s why you need to gear up!

With the best items in hand, you’ll be less worried about baby and actually enjoy your day outdoors!

Keep in mind, this list is geared towards babies over 6 months!

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Baby Sunscreen Lotion

If you’re wondering whether sunscreen lotion is really necessary or not, you shouldn’t dread too long on the decision. The thing is, you need to make sure your baby is in “protective” gear. That means, protecting baby’s skin from any dangerous sun rays that can be damaging. Exposure to the sun should be limited and parents (yes, you Mama!) should be cautious and aware.

Misting Fan

I wanted to add misting fans to the list as they are super helpful during the hot and humid episodes. If your baby is like mine, it only takes a good 5-10 minutes (UNDER the shade) until she starts sweating! With a fan blowing and some water misting, baby will feel better in no time! Even YOU can use it for yourself.

Baby Sun Hat

Another “protective” gear baby needs is a sun hat! Look for one that covers around the neck to the sides – similar to a bonnet! An attached string is better for added security. I purchased mine at Wal-Mart. A simple, white sun hat that is great on-the-go!

Lightweight Clothing

In the humid heat, you want to consider lightweight clothing for your little one. That means clothing made from cotton is the way to go! Bodysuits are my favorite. Slip on some shorts or lightweight pants and your baby is all good!


Don’t forget! Just as you get dehydrated and thirsty, baby does as well! You should always have water in your diaper bag or tote so that your little one stays hydrated. We all know how high the temperature can get in the Summer and it’s always good to keep baby in safe conditions. I recommend keeping a few water bottles so you don’t have to worry about running to the store to buy some.

Bugs & Insect Repellent

Not only do you have to worry about sun exposure, you also have to worry about BUGS! Summer time is the best time for mosquitoes and insects to appear. With the possible and dangerous West Nile virus appearing, make sure you keep baby safe at ALL TIMES! Babies have a sensitive and fragile immune system; therefore, it is up to you Mama to care for baby.

You may try Babyganics Insect Repellent, which is DEET-free (a harmful chemical for babies) OR you may try the well-known and famous-among-moms mosquito repellent, Johnson’s Baby Creamy Oil!

Baby Food

For obvious reasons, I’m sure you’ll have baby food packed in the bag but I figured it’s still good to add this to the list. You may have remembered formula but not food puree! Or perhaps you’ve got the food puree packed but forgot the breast milk packages!

Either way, since baby is acclimating to solid foods and formula or breast milk, it’s good to have BOTH items packed in the bag.

I’ve come to love placing food purees in baby food pouches. It’s so easy to feed baby with! A light squeeze from the pouch is way much better than packing a spoon and feeding baby from a jar!

Baby Snacks

Snacks are great finger foods to give baby. It helps with motor skills as well as expose him or her to eating smaller portions of “goodies” throughout the day. A good variety of snacks I always pack for my little one include Yogurt Melts, Banana Puffs, Banana Rice Rusks, and Cheerios.


We all know that as our little ones become bigger, they also become heavier. Sadly, it starts to get tiring carrying them all day. That’s why you should bring a stroller along! It’s always easier to push than carry! Plus, baby can nap in that stroller if he or she ever gets tired.

Insulated Bag

If you’re like me, you like to keep beverages cold and chilled. What other ways can you do it other than using an insulated bag? I love packing food, snacks, and drinks so that it stays cool throughout the day. When you’re outside, chances are your food or drinks will warm up and trust me, no one wants a warm water bottle in the 100 degree heat! And I’m sure baby wouldn’t want a “warm” feeding as well!

Play Yard (optional)

Perhaps you’re going out for a picnic on the green grass? One great way to allow your baby to crawl and play is to use a baby pool. It’ll be a great idea to keep your baby in a safe enclosure. Just blow it up, throw some blankets in and baby is all set to play! No need to worry about chasing after a speedy Gonzales. To make it even better, look for a baby pool with a sunshade over it. Like this one

If you don’t feel like using a baby pool, invest in this portable play yard instead!


With a fully-packed bag full of baby essentials, baby’s day out will be easy weezy!

I used to stress myself over packing because I didn’t know WHAT to pack for baby – especially on a day out at the park! The only thing I knew was that I didn’t want baby to overheat, have bug bites, go hungry, get sunburn, and have no place to play around in.

With the potential issues listed, I was able to eliminate my worries by using the right items! Now, I hope you found this list useful as it was to me.

Oh, and one more thing.

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Baby Essentials for Outdoors - in the Summer!

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