Baby Shower Diaper Raffle Game – The Proper Way to Play and Why You Need It

Baby shower games are ahhh-mazing! They make the event FUN and MEMORABLE.

But one game that you MUST play during a baby shower is the Diaper Raffle Game. In case you haven’t noticed, you’ve probably seen several designs of diaper raffle tickets that pop up when you type in “baby shower games” on Google, Pinterest, Etsy, Twitter, etc…

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What you DIDN’T know is how to properly play the diaper raffle game and why you need it! Honestly, even I didn’t know how to play the game until I searched it up on Google and found out how to play it! Oh yeah, Google’s my best friend 🙂

The Proper Way to Play

First and foremost, if you want to add this game to your baby shower event (whether you’re the planner or the one being planned for) you need to know the proper way to play the game.

Before I begin, here are a few key points to remember:

  • Diaper Raffle Tickets are distributed BEFORE the baby shower event.
  • Diaper Raffle Tickets are included in your baby shower invitations.

How to play:

Have each guest who brought a pack/box of diapers write their name on their diaper raffle ticket for a chance to win a prize!

Before the Baby Shower Event:

Include a diaper raffle ticket inside your baby shower invitations and mail/send it out! Whether it’s for a boy, girl, or gender reveal, you’ll make it exciting for your guests! Your goal is to have your guests participate in the fun as well as gain more FREE diapers.

Below are some of my diaper raffle tickets from my shop, Little Empire Designs! Click the image to explore!

On the Day of the Baby Shower Event:

The first thing you need is to make sure you set up a diaper raffle station close to the entrance where your guests can easily find a place to put their tickets in. It should be the first thing they see when they walk in. Having a diaper raffle game sign would be helpful. It will identify what this station is used for.

Make sure you have a bowl, jar, or basket to hold the tickets! Or, you may DIY a box for tickets! Which is used for ticket-drawing.

During the event, you may decide to draw a ticket once (or more, depending on the amount of prizes you have!) to announce the winner of the prize!

Sounds fun, right?!

Why You Need the Diaper Raffle Game

1. Encourage guest participation to maximize engagement

One important reason why you need the Diaper Raffle Game is because it’ll help encourage your guests to participate. If they know that there will be a “prize”, they are more likely to bring diapers to enter for a chance to win! I mean, who doesn’t love winning? Especially when it’s FREE! Well, sort of. Considering that they’ve already bought a gift for you. 

2. Increase your diaper supply

As a first time mom, I didn’t know that diapers was one essential item that mattered the most during the first year! It seems like a never-ending supply of diapers that are needed! Oh, and did I mention that diapers are expensive?? Yep! Not as cheap as we would like it to be.

That’s why you need a “game” to bring in more diapers for your stockpile. It’ll be a life-changer after baby arrives! During my baby shower, I received several diaper packages for “Size 2” and didn’t think it’d be that important (which meant that I set it on the side) UNTIL my baby’s “Size 2” diaper came in that I was sooo grateful it was there! I was a happy camper.

3. Saves money for Mama

As I mentioned, diapers are not cheap. But if your guests are bringing in diapers, you will most likely save a good amount of $$$ from leaving your bank account! I mean, we all like saving money, right?

4. Brings fun to the event!

Not only does the diaper raffle game haul in more FREE diapers for Mama, it also hauls in the FUN! Everyone likes games and everyone likes a raffle!

Now that we’ve settled how to properly play the diaper raffle game, you’re all ready to add this to your baby shower event!

Oh, and one more thing.

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