Best Gifts for Toddlers 2020

With the holidays around the corner, you may be wondering what types of gifts are best for toddlers. Do you want an educational gift? An entertaining gift? Or a gift that contains a cartoon or a character?

The ideas are endless but when you are facing the end of the road, then a pre-made list may be the solution you need to help you get a head start. 

Here are my top ten gift ideas for toddlers that I believe would make the perfect present for a little one.

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1. LeapFrog 100 Animals Book

If you’re looking for an educational gift, this interactive book may be a great idea to consider.

With six double-sided pages, you can find 100 pictures of animals from various habitats. Habitats include the ocean, farm, forest, savanna, desert, and more. 

A toddler can easily learn an animal’s name, its sounds, and the facts that describes the animal. There are also music and learning songs included, allowing the little one to sing along. 

An additional feature that makes this book a good option is that it also teaches a child another language other than English. You can find an English/Spanish version or an English/Chinese version of the book. 

Get it from Amazon here. 

2. Wooden Sorting & Stacking Toy

Let’s sort and stack!

This wooden sorting and stacking toy will be a great addition to a toddler’s collection because it can help exercise a toddler’s brain.

The colors are beautifully painted, making it visible for children to differentiate the colors. In addition, the shapes can help toddlers learn about circles, squares, triangles, pentagons, and rectangles.

Matching each shape to the correct peg is the highlight of this toy, can your little one complete the challenge?

Get it from Amazon here.

3. Melissa & Doug 100-Piece Wood Blocks Set

Enjoyed building blocks as a child? Then this wooden block set may be the next big thing a toddler will find interest in.

Building blocks have long been a simple and fun activity for kids because it helps them learn how to stack, build, and play. It stimulates creativity and teaches them about colors.

Little ones can build houses, bridges, castles, and more. Let their imagination soar!

Get it from Amazon here.

4. Play Tent and Tunnels for Kids

This colorful play tent and tunnel set is a great gift for toddlers who are continuously filled with energy. It’s an obstacle course that can keep children entertained for hours. 

You’ll receive:

  • A triangle tent
  • A ball pit
  • A square tent
  • Portable bag
  • Crawl tunnels

The tunnels and tents are perfect for any occasion, such as a birthday party or family BBQ, and will easily pop up when you are ready to play. Once you are done, all you need to do is fold it away into the portable bag and store it for later use. 

Get it from Amazon here.

5. Wooden Puzzles for Toddlers

These wooden puzzles are great activities for keeping toddlers busy. 

There are three boards included: numbers, letters, and shapes. As your toddler tries to match each piece to its correct outline, he or she can also improve his or her fine motor skills and exercise the brainwork. 

Ready to keep your toddler busy?

Get it from Amazon here.

6. Water Doodle Mat – Kids Painting Writing Doodle Toy Mat

This water doodle mat is a fun and entertaining mat that keeps toddlers busy with color and art as they draw, create shapes, and write letters paint-free.

The mat comes in the size, 40 x 28 inches, and includes:

  • 1 mat
  • 6 pens 
  • 8 drawing molds
  • 4 drawing templates
  • 1 drawing booklet
  • 1 jigsaw
  • 1 storage bag

All that is required to create beautiful art is water. You can either fill the pens with water or wet your hands with water to start drawing!  

This mat is portable for indoor and outdoor travel and is mess-free. Perfect for young kids and even adults!

Get it from Amazon here.

7. Learning Resources Spike The Fine Motor Hedgehog

This fine motor hedgehog has become a hit among toddlers with its fun and easy-to-hold peg-shaped pieces, where toddlers can plug and pull as they learn to count and identify colors.

Storing this hedgehog away is as easy as putting the peg-shaped pieces underneath the blue shell, which makes it convenient for parents who are looking for something entertaining and easy to store.

Is your toddler ready to count and learn colors with this hedgehog?

Get it from Amazon here.

8. Melissa & Doug Latches Board

This Melissa & Doug Latches Board is a great way to keep toddlers busy as they learn how to unlock the different latches and hooks on the board.

You will find six different kinds of latches, making each activity unique to its own. Once the latches are opened, you will find a fun surprise behind the door!

This toy can help with fine and gross motor skills, allowing toddlers to improve hand-eye coordination.

Get it on Amazon here.

9. YEEBAY Interactive Whack A Frog Game

Similar to the whack-a-mole game, this whack-a-frog game will be one to keep toddlers busy as they try to whack each frog that lights up. 

The vibrant colors will grab your toddler’s attention, keeping him or her busy as he or she tries to hit the frog with the hammer. 

There are two different game modes and 38 different speeds, making it not only fun for toddlers but also for adults.

Grab it for your toddler and see how fun it is!

Get it from Amazon here.

10. Super Ball Drop with Double Bridge and Spacers

Ball drops are always fun for toddlers as they watch the balls drop its way down. It helps stimulate creativity and allows kids to build and stack the courses as high as they want. 

It can entertain kids for hours and keep them engaged. 

In this set, you will receive:

  • 8 tiers towers
  • 2 double hole swirling bridges
  • 2 purple bridges
  • 2 yellow bases
  • 8 white spacers
  • 4 spinning activity balls

Did I forget to mention that ball drops are not only for kids but also for adults? Give it a try and gift this to one lucky toddler!

Get it from Amazon here.


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