Breastfeeding Benefits Your Insurance Doesn’t Tell You About

Breastfeeding Benefits

As a first-time mom, you’re probably listing out your feeding options. Whether it’s breastfeeding, formula feeding, or supplementing!

And if you’re going the breastfeeding route (which I am a big supporter of!), you’re going to need all the federal knowledge you can get! Especially when it’s a benefit to you!

First of all, here’s a little background on how your benefits came into place – Don’t worry. There’s no political lecture here! I’ll make it short and sweet!

In 2010, the Affordable Care Act passed and was signed into law to reform comprehensive health insurance. As a result, there were changes that affected individuals, families, insurers, businesses, and government entities. And as ANOTHER result, there were changes that gave pregnant and nursing mothers breastfeeding benefits! 

See? I made it easy, right?! So, what are your benefits? 

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1. You are subject to a FREE Breast Pump!

Yep! You got that right! A FREE breast pump!

In case you didn’t know, breast pumps can be pricey. Unless you’re looking for a manual pump that costs less than a hundred, you’re okay.

But if you’re looking for a good electronic pump (which I would rather prefer), then you’re staring at a couple hundred bucks that can burn a hole in your pocket!

That’s why if you’re insured, make sure you take advantage of this benefit. It’s required by law for insurers to provide FREE breastfeeding equipment and you don’t have to spend money to get one.

2. Breastfeeding Support

So, you’re new to breastfeeding. And you think it’s easy. But, what you didn’t know is it can be a REAL challenge!

Trust me. I used to think breastfeeding will be an easy deal for me until I had my little one and unfortunately, I didn’t accomplish my goal as I wanted!

Breastfeeding actually requires practice and learning.

Your body is different and it’s important to be aware of your mom bod as well as how to provide for your little one!

Questions you may face:

  • How to hold your newborn properly when breastfeeding
  • What kind of breastfeeding positions are there
  • How to store breast milk
  • How to breastfeed

As a first-time mom, these were common questions I was curious about. And it really helps to have support or counseling when you need it!

How to Get Your FREE Breast Pump

Call Your Insurance Company

The first thing you want to do is get with your insurance company. Use the contact number located on the back of your card and call your insurance company about their breast pump policies or references. There are certain places that your insurance company may refer you to. There may also be certain procedures you have to follow as well!

Ask Your Doctor

If you’re unsure of where to get your breast pump, you may ask your Doctor where he or she can send a request for a free breast pump. After all, your Doctor is the one with all the proof of your pregnancy so any paperwork required will come from your Doctor.

A Glance at My Experience

One thing I recommend you doing is to look into a FREE breast pump when you’re around 5-7 months pregnant. The reason is, the closer you are to your due date, you will be bigger and more exhausted to move around and run errands.

My mistake is doing it at 8 months. Which is only 1 month away from delivery!

So what was my experience?

The first thing I did was contact my insurance carrier using the phone number located at the back of my insurance card. Thankfully I got a helpful representative who was able to provide recommended medical suppliers that align with my insurance coverage.

Overall, I had two options:

  • Call or sign up on online with the medical supplier, that my insurance carrier recommended, for my FREE breast pump.
  • Call my Doctor and ask to send a request to a local supplier for a FREE breast pump

I figured that getting with a recommended medical supplier was a little more complex than I wanted because some forms required Pre-Authorizations or specific medical codes that I didn’t have on hand.

Plus, I just wasn’t up for it at this time since I was easily tired now.

So, I took the easy route.

I called my Doctor and they were able to send my request to a supplier that the Doctor normally uses and I was able to pick it up as soon as it was ready!

Now take note that your experience may differ but this can be used as a guide to help you start somewhere.

Oh, and one more thing.

If you enjoyed this post, please share? Others may find it helpful as well!


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