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KiwiCo Review: Our Second Koala Crate Box

The box is in! We finally received our second box of our 3-month subscription with KiwiCo and the excitement was real. My daughter couldn’t wait to get her hands on the goodies inside since she enjoyed the first box we received. If you haven’t had the chance to read about our first Koala Crate box, […]

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KiwiCo Review: Our First Koala Crate Box

Kids subscription boxes is the new thing among parents and I have always wondered how fun it would be to try one. I would see boxes filled with projects and craft activities to complete and there would be so many new things to discover. Although I don’t often do subscription boxes, the idea of receiving […]

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Review: My First Time With the Ninja Foodi Grill

Recently, I’ve been struggling with the amount of time I spend in my kitchen and realize that I may need a new solution. My evenings would often be busy, and cooking for an average of 2 hours (cooking and cleaning included) was something I began to dread.  As a working mom who spends more than […]

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Early Moments Baby Einstein Books Review

Recently, I have been looking for some good and educational books that my 2-year old daughter can read and came across the Early Moments program by The Baby Einstein Company. This post main contain affiliate links. Please see disclaimer for details. It’s a program where you can subscribe each month to receive books catered to […]

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I Tried 3 Baby Bath Tubs and Decided to Stick to This One

(Updated 12/26/2018) Are you facing a dilemma of deciding which baby bath tub you should get? You’re not alone. I was in that same position one year ago. When I was pregnant, I remember looking at my registry hoping to find a good baby bath tub. The only thing is, I didn’t know which one […]

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