Crazy and Vivid Dreams in Pregnancy? What’s causing it? (2 Min Read)

Lately, you may have noticed that your dreams have become more….crazy. Perhaps your dreams were something along the line of, “monsters swimming in the river, dragons writing a paper, or Harry Potter eating an apple”. I know – none of this makes sense.

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Your dreams have become more clear, more dramatic, or more comedic. You may even feel like if you produced a movie out of it, you’d win an Oscar award! (Okay, honestly, this is how I felt). But this “abnormal” dream experience is actually considered “normal” in pregnancy – and it may happen often.

During this time of emotional and physical changes, your dreams are caused by hormonal fluctuations. You may experience anxiety dreams, nightmares, erotic dreams, and more. Hormonal changes can intensify your feelings and emotions, affecting the way your brain processes information. Not only does hormonal changes cause crazy dreams but a change in sleep patterns can also play a role. 

The human sleep has two types of sleep – rapid eye movement (REM) sleep and non-REM sleep. Non-REM sleep includes three stages, with the first stage taking effect within a few minutes of sleeping. As each stage passes, you fall into a deeper state of sleep. REM sleep is where most dreams occur. This is where your brain is most active and it stores memories, stories, and learning experiences.

It has been theorized that when you wake up in the middle of a REM sleep, you can remember your dreams more clearly and the images are better captured. Tossing and turning, frequent bathroom trips, and uncomfortable sleep positions may all sound familiar to you. These sleep disruptions can cause you to have less sleep than your body requires, causing you to wake up often. 

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A fun and creative way to “capture” these dreams is to write them in a pregnancy journal or in a dream journal. Each time you wake up from a dream, you can write down the crazy turn of events, the scenery, and colors so that you can keep it for future reading.

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When I had my first crazy pregnancy dream, I was in my second trimester. I was taking frequent trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night, tossing and turning (eventually sleep got better with my pregnancy pillow), and experiencing involuntary leg cramps (ouch!). Small health factors led to dreams that I wish I recorded.

Unfortunately, I no longer remember the details of my dreams but I remember its intensity. Some days, I would wake up from a dream thinking it was real! Other days, I would wake up from a dream that hopped from one scene to another scene. What I DID wish I had was a pregnancy journal, where I can record all events and activities that occurred. 

Did you write down your pregnancy dreams? If so, what kind of dreams were they and how did you feel when you first had them? Comment below and share with us!

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