Diaper Changing Tips that Will Turn You Into a Pro!

If you’re a first-time Mom or have never had to change diapers in your life before but will soon, this is for you.

Changing diapers is an easy thing to do but with a few additional tips to remember, you’ll be able master the art of changing diapers like a pro!

Please remember that these tips are in no specific order.

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Tip #1: Have all your diapers and wipes within arm’s reach.

The last thing you want is to open a wet diaper only to find out that baby also pooped but wait, the wipes are in another room! Yikes. That’s why it is always good to have your wipes and diapers within arm’s reach so that you’re prepared for what that diaper may offer. Not only should you expect the unexpected, you should also be alert if baby developed a diaper rash. In this case, a diaper rash cream will be good to have in hand. One easy way to overcome this is to simply have a diaper caddy organizer where all your baby items are in one place. You’ll be able to carry it anywhere at any time and still have all the things you need!

Tip #2: Disposable diapers tell you when it’s wet.

If you haven’t noticed, disposable diapers have a yellow line in the middle of the diaper, which will then turn blue when it’s wet. Any time you are wondering if the diaper’s ready for some changing, simply look at the line indicator and change it if it’s blue!

Tip #3: For a boy, use a wet cloth to avoid being sprayed.

When changing your little boy’s diaper, make sure you place a wet cloth (or diaper wipe) over his private part to avoid being sprayed. The wet cloth can help keep the urine from spraying and will save you a mess from cleaning up! 🙂

Tip #4: For a girl, make sure you wipe down and not up.

A baby girl’s dirty diapers come with some rules, that is to wipe down and not up! When using a wet cloth (or diaper wipe) to clean your baby’s bottom, make sure you gently wipe down to avoid any poop from going back up into your baby’s private part. This will help avoid any bacteria from forming on the inside and around the sneaky folds. Now that we’ve mentioned it, don’t forget to wipe around those folds too!

Tip #5: Air it out or pat it dry!

Right after you’re done using a wet cloth to wipe your baby’s bottom, make sure you try to air it out or pat it dry before putting on the new diaper. This will help prevent any diaper rashes from forming.

Tip #6: Use an applicator to apply diaper rash cream.

If you’re the type of parent who doesn’t like messy things on your fingers, you can use an applicator to apply diaper rash cream. With an applicator, you don’t have to worry about washing your hands after (although I would still recommend you washing your hands).

One well-known product among Moms that can help you take care of this is BabyBum’s Diaper Rash Brush. Simply apply the cream to the brush and brush it against your baby’s bum. Afterwards, you can just wipe off the excess cream from the brush with a paper towel!

Tip #8: For a newborn, fold down the diaper so that it is under the umbilical cord.

During the first week or two with baby, he or she will still have his or her stump where the umbilical cord was. You want to be extra cautious about touching the stump as it is prone to infection and bleeding. When you change your baby’s diaper, always fold down the top of the diaper so that it folds under his or her stump until it falls off on its own. This will help prevent the diaper from brushing up against the stump.

Tip #9: Grab hold of those ankles!

The best way to change a baby’s diaper is to gently grab hold of both of his or her ankles and slightly lift their bottom up so that you can slide out the dirty diaper. Once you’ve removed the old diaper, you can lift up his or her ankles again to put the new diaper on. It’s an easy grab for support!

Tip #10: Distract the baby!

As your baby learns to turn their body during diaper changes, it also gets harder to change them! I find that right before you open that dirty diaper, it helps to find a toy that can distract your little one so that he or she doesn’t turn in the middle of a diaper change. Not only have I used a toy but I’ve also sing a song, play games with baby’s tummy, and make funny expressions! Anything that can be catch their attention is definitely a plus.

Tip #11: Expect to see gel-like beads in disposable diapers.

Disposable diapers are great that it is convenient to use and easily disposable. One thing you might not know is that these diapers may also contain gel-like beads within the diapers. It is because the gel-like beads are super absorbent polymer (SAP) that absorbs fluid when it passes through, such as urine or wet poop. This is what catches all those liquids and keeps em’ inside the diaper!

Tip #12: For a boy, position his penis downward to prevent leaks from the diaper.

Before putting on the new diaper, make sure you position his penis downward to prevent leaks! That way, it doesn’t spray up but down instead.

Tip #13: Wash your hands!

Regardless of the circumstances, dirty diaper or not, it is always recommended that you wash your hands after each diaper change. This will help prevent bacteria from transferring to you, others, and your baby. Let’s stay safe and sanitized, Mama!

Tip #14: Use the flaps from the shoulder of your baby’s bodysuit to fold and slide down the clothing during wet and poopy diaper changes!

Some baby bodysuits (or onesies) has a flap on each side of the shoulder, which is there for a good reason.

As a parent, you will have several times where you come across…poop explosions. Some days, you’ll find poop that climbs all the way across their back! And who knows how that happened but it did and it’s up to you to work around it. This is where the flaps come in. You simply fold the flaps down, and slide down the bodysuit.

Tip #15: Always have a changing mat in your diaper bag.

The most important thing about changing diapers is to have the proper gear when you’re out of the house. Whether you’re at the restaurant, park, hotel, or fair, you can always rest assured that you have the necessary equipment to help you with diaper changes.

One important thing to keep in mind is that although most public restrooms have changing tables, they don’t always have a sanitary bed liner. With so many diaper changes that occurred on the table, I wouldn’t assume that the table is clean. Place your changing mat on the table before your baby’s diaper change and you’ll have one less thing to worry about.

Tip #16: With a dirty diaper, wipe down the remaining poop with the front, clean part of the diaper.

When you open a dirty diaper, chances are you might be overwhelmed by all the poop you’re staring at! But simply start by wiping it down with the front, clean part of the diaper and then use your wipes to clean the rest of it.

Now that we’ve covered some good tips here, I hope you’ll be able to master the art of changing diapers! If you DO have more tips to share, please let us all know! More is always better 🙂

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