Early Moments Baby Einstein Books Review

Recently, I have been looking for some good and educational books that my 2-year old daughter can read and came across the Early Moments program by The Baby Einstein Company.

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It’s a program where you can subscribe each month to receive books catered to your child.

The Baby Einstein Company is a company owned by The Walt Disney Company, which sells highly innovative media products and books for babies, toddlers, and kids. It was founded in 1996 by Julie Aigner-Clark, mother of two, and her husband, William Clark. 

One of my main concerns as a parent was whether I was providing enough educational and developmental resources to toddler or not.

I wanted to improve my daughter’s cognitive skills by reading more books to her and showing visuals that can expose her to the different animals and objects out there.

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When I discovered the Early Moments program, I was first captivated by the affordable bundle that it offered.

There were five items included for only $5.95 (plus free shipping) and of course, I didn’t hesitate to sign up.

The five items include:

  • 3 books – Baby MacDonald’s Farm, Happy Families, and Baby Animals
  • 1 small book – Baby is SO Big
  • Discovery cards + ring
  • Parent Guide (sheet)

I also added another book, Baby Einstein First Words ($7.48), to the order, totaling less than $15 for the whole bundle.

(See image below)

In this review, I will be covering four main points:

  • Quality
  • Price
  • Delivery
  • Summary


The books I received were vibrant and came out well. All of the books were board books, which made it extremely convenient when you have a toddler.

I know my daughter loves flipping pages and if the pages were paper, she may have ripped out some of the pages already. Thankfully, with these board books, I can worry less about ripped pages and damaged books.

(Baby Einstein First Words book)

I also love the beautiful scenery and visuals in the books. They are truly eye-catching and are worth the read to my daughter!

Despite the amazing features the books had, there was one book that didn’t arrive in perfect condition because of the shipping service provider (see image below). The package was delivered by United States Postal Service (USPS).

As seen below, the last page of the book, Baby Animals, had dents and damage to it but the page was still readable.


For the 6 items I received, the total price was $14.58 (taxes vary by location).

I was quite satisfied with the items I purchased for the price I paid. My daughter enjoyed the books and loved flipping through the pages. Her favorite book was the, Baby Einstein First Words, because of the multiple colors, objects, and animals in it.

I learned that the bigger the book is, the more engaged my toddler would be when she picks up a book to read.



I placed my order on October 5th and received the package on October 24th, which took almost 3 weeks for the package to be delivered.

My average wait time for most general products I’ve ordered online was 3-5 business days so 3 weeks is considered a long wait time.

I eventually received the package on my doorstep on a Thursday, while I was working at home, and couldn’t have been more happy that it finally arrived – especially when it arrived unannounced like a “surprise gift” (I was more excited about the package than my daughter was).



Overall, I was satisfied with the package I received.

The books were visually appealing and there were several things that my daughter enjoyed looking at.

If you have young children from 0-2 months, these books would be a great selection for development.

From the book, Baby Einstein First Words, my daughter enjoyed looking at the Food section because she is most familiar with the foods she has seen before. A few examples include banana, strawberries, carrots, and apple.

My daughter was also familiar with the Old MacDonald song so when we read the book, Baby MacDonald’s Farm, she knew the animals and its popular words, “E-I-E-I-O”.

Another thing to note is that I did end up canceling my subscription one day after I received my package because my first package was delivered 3 weeks after.

Personally, this is the longest wait I’ve ever had to wait for a delivery so it did ruin my experience; however, the books themselves were amazing!

Oh, and one more thing.

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