Free Printable Christmas Countdown Activity Cards

Christmas is near and it’s that time of the year to bring forth fun and cheerful things to do with family. With kids, you can do a Christmas countdown by doing a fun activity each day until December 25th.

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The printable Christmas countdown activity sheets have 48 activities that you can print and cut straight from your home. You can mix the activities around and choose the one you want each day (or feel free to do more than one activity for added fun).

An easy way to store these activity cards is to roll or fold them and then place them in a jar. Every morning, have one person pick a card to reveal the activity of the day.

Another way you can enjoy this Christmas countdown is to place each activity card inside an envelope of some sort and label the envelopes by number. It’s easy to do when you already have envelopes on-hand.

Grab your free printable activity sheets below and you’ll be on your way to creating more beautiful memories for the Christmas holiday.


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