How I Spent Easter 2020 Under Quarantine

I never thought I’d spend Easter this year while quarantined but here we are today, socially distancing ourselves due to the COVID-19 that has highly impacted the normal lifestyle we knew.

This is the first post I have published ever since the lock down began early in March.

With my little family to worry and care for, I have had to implement safety measures and make sure I am up to date with the ever changing guidelines issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

It has been one month since my family has been in quarantined and Easter was one of the many holidays we often looked forward to each year.

Sadly with everything going on, we couldn’t hold a family gathering for our annual egg hunt with our other family members so my husband and I decided to do an egg hunt for for my daughter indoors.

The most we can do is to make the best of what we have so I proceeded to start with decorations!

I knew that the first thing I wanted to do was to lift our Easter spirits by setting the mood. I started with an Easter banner.

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Creating a Quick DIY Easter Banner

By using what I had, I was able to create a quick DIY banner.

Supplies used:

  • White yarn
  • Painter’s tape
  • 6-7 card stock paper (of any color I had available) + pencil for tracing
  • Black marker
  • Single hole puncher (I used this one)

Using a pencil, I drew an egg shape onto one card stock paper and traced the same shape with the other card stock papers to cut out.

After cutting out each shape, I decorated each egg with a black marker using various lines and shapes (zig-zag’s, circles, dots, you name it!)

With the single hole puncher, punch two holes next to each other on each cut-out and allow space between each hole so that you can string the yarn through the holes.

After repeating the same step on the remaining cut-out’s, I grabbed the white yarn and strung it through the shapes.

Finally, using painter’s tape, I secured each end of the string to the wall so that I had a banner across the living room.

And voila! My DIY banner was complete.

To make it more appealing, I also added my Easter yard stakes (from last year) and artificial flowers to the walls to give my living room a “meadow-y” look. 

As soon as the decorations were completed, I moved on to the most exciting part of the day: the indoors egg hunt!

An Indoors Egg Hunt

Who’d knew that an indoors egg hunt can be as fun as it would be outdoors?

Prior to Easter day, I was able to grab some Easter eggs and candy during my latest trip to the store. They were hidden safe away from my toddler’s sight so she wouldn’t dive straight into the chocolate candies. 

On the day of, I had my husband fill each egg with candy so that we can prepare it for hiding!

Throughout the room, the eggs were scattered among our home furniture (TV stand, coffee table, sofa, etc…).

We hid them between shelves and cushions and had it spread out on the floor.

As soon as everything was ready to go, my toddler sprinted for the hunt!

She picked up each and every egg, popped the eggs opened, and poured the candy out into her pink basket.

It was an amusing sight to see my 2-year old so focused and adventurous. She screamed with excitement at the sight of all the eggs she collected. 

Although our indoors egg hunt was the highlight of the day, it wasn’t over yet. We finished Easter by watching the latest Disney movie, Onward

Enjoying Disney +

In November of 2019, Disney finally launched their video streaming service, Disney+. With several television shows and Disney movies available, I couldn’t wait to try it out!

As a member of the Verizon network, I was one of the many lucky customers who received a free 1-year trial for Disney+. For those who are not members, they are able to try the streaming service for a 7-day free trial or pay $6.99 a month.

So far, my toddler and I have watched over 10+ movies already so I couldn’t help but be excited about Disney’s newest release. (Our most recent Disney favorites are Coco, Monster’s Inc., and Finding Dory)

Thankfully, Onward was already made available on Disney+ on April 3rd so we can watch it.

Although Easter was spent differently this year, I remain grateful for the time spent with my little family as well as for our good health.

Knowing that thousands of people have fallen victim to COVID-19, it reminds me that I should not take life for granted and to always appreciate time with those we love.

How did you spend Easter this year? What are some things you have done differently this year to accommodate the current lifestyle? Comment below and share with us.

Onward is a movie about two elf brothers who embark on a quest to see their father one last time. They encounter numerous obstacles and discover unimaginable things. As soon as their mother learns of their disappearance, she teams up with The Manticore to find them. To learn more about Onward, click here.


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