How I Went Into Labor One Week Before My Due Date (2 Min. Read)

The Goal

When I was 35 weeks pregnant, I was dreading labor. My final month seemed to take forever and I was ready to push baby out.

My baby bump was dropping. My back was hurting. And each step I took used every ounce of energy I had. When I learned that there were natural ways to induce labor, I was excited. Perhaps I can give birth at 37 weeks? 38 weeks? (Note that if you have your baby before 37 weeks, your baby is known as a premature baby). 

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I’ve heard stories of mamas out there who gave birth at 40 weeks or even after 40 weeks where they had to be induced. This was not what I wanted and I knew as my due date nears, I wanted my baby to come out naturally through vaginal birth.

As a first-time mom, I had the fear of not knowing what my labor signs were. I didn’t know how it would happen, how my body would respond, or when my little one was ready to come out. Because there were a lot of “unknowns” in pregnancy and labor, I was not used to being in an uncontrollable situation. At this point, the only thing I had to do was trust in my body.

However, I also had one goal and this goal was to go into labor before my 40th week of pregnancy.

One week pass by and here I am, 36 weeks pregnant.

I continue my daily routine of:

  1. Going to work in the morning
  2. Working my 8 hours
  3. Coming home
  4. and then resting for the evening.

I even read about natural ways to induce labor but never tried a listed method until a week after…

How I Naturally Induced Labor

During my 37th week of pregnancy, my workplace was hosting a Purple Walk of Strength for Domestic Violence Awareness, which was the perfect opportunity for me to get my exercise in. I received my purple ribbon pin for participation, went on the 5K walk in tennis shoes, and completed the journey as a proud mama. 🙂

Although I would mention, this walk was not easy. I could feel my body exhausted. Tiny sweats were forming, the sun was shining, and each step I took required more energy than I anticipated.

But I soon learned that walking was the key to naturally inducing labor when I gave birth one week after the walk (at 38.5 weeks).

Not only can I attest to walking as a natural labor inducer but I know others who have been successful as well. My sister-in-law found this method successful when she went into labor the night that she went walking – and her walk was done at the shopping mall! How awesome is that?

How is walking good for you?

Walking has many benefits for a pregnant mom who is approaching her due date. It is a form of exercise that can be done at any time of the day – and at any place! All it requires is time and commitment so you can physically prepare yourself for labor.

By walking, you can:

  • Help your baby drop lower (thanks to gravity) into your pelvis.
  • Help your baby move around and prepare for the proper position during delivery.
  • Encourage cervical dilation.

Although there have been no studies to prove that walking speeds up your body for labor, personal experiences such as mine (and others) can show that walking is a natural form of activity that can encourage labor – whether you are looking for a natural inducer or not.

The only precaution you should take is that you don’t want to wear yourself out (although walking itself is already a tiring activity). Try moderate activities at your own pace and save some of your energy for the final day – trust me, you’ll need it!

Don’t forget to pack your hospital bag as well.

I was the mom who over-packed several items but eventually learned what I need and didn’t need. I packed diapers that I never had to take out, socks with grips that I didn’t use, and other small items that just took up space in my hospital bag. Although hospital bags vary among pregnant mom, it is helpful to understand the hospital process for labor.

Walk through my labor experience to learn what items you can pack! You get a free printable hospital bag checklist as well!

Places to Walk

Walking can get boring if you’re in a boring and dull environment. To make it fun, try these other places that are great for walking!

The Park

People Sitting On Green Grass Field

A Museum

Painting of Horse Fine Art

An Aquarium

Gray Fish

Botanical Garden

Bench Surrounded With Green Plants

Shopping Mall

Indoor Water Fountain Beside Indoor Trees

Around Your Neighborhood

Aerial Photography of Houses and Trees

A Local School’s Running Track

Running Field Photography

The Store

Grocery Cart With Item

The Zoo

Brown Primate Hanging on Tree

Have other great walking places that are not listed? Share with us!

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