How to Make a Christmas Countdown Paper Ornament with Video Tutorial

Christmas countdowns are the new trend among families and to build momentum for the holiday, I’ve shared an easy DIY Christmas countdown paper ornament you can do with kids below.

All you need are six things to complete the task and some of these items – you may already have!

Let’s get to it!

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What You Need

  • 7-8 cardstock papers (8.5 x 11) – I used holiday cardstock paper that I already had. Each cardstock can create 4 paper ornaments
  • Scissors – optional, I folded the papers and tear them apart but if you want a clean cut, you may use scissors instead
  • 25 strings (each 7 inches long) – You may use any type of string, I used these elastic cord strings
  • Double-sided tape
  • Single hole puncher
  • Printable Christmas countdown activity cards

Step-by-Step Tutorial

This tutorial is for one paper ornament but you may repeat it to make more for your Christmas countdown.

1. Grab a cardstock paper and fold it in half horizontally. Tear (or cut) along the folded line. You should have two pieces of paper.

Using one half of the paper, fold it in half once again and tear it along the line. You should have two – 1/4th sheets of paper.

2. Using one of the 1/4th sheet of paper, grab a piece of double-sided tape and apply it to the top.

Now, grab both ends of the paper and stick it together to make it look like a tube.

3. Using one end of the tube, press the ends together and apply double-sided tape on the inside.

4. Take one of the activity cards, fold it and place it inside the ornament.

5. Turning the ornament to the side. Now apply double-sided tape to the open end and seal it together.

6. Next, grab your single hole puncher and punch a hole in the middle of one of the ends.

7. Take a string and loop it through the hole. Tie a knot at the end.

8. Voila! Now you’re done! To count down your days, you can write numbers on the ornament or add a cut-out paper with the numbers shown.

Prefer watching the tutorial in action? Watch the video tutorial below!

Video Tutorial

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