How to Make a Small Gift Bag Out of Cardstock Paper

We all have those moments when you forget to buy gift bags for your presents but if you have cardstock paper on hand, you’re in luck.

With this easy and fun folding method, you can transform a regular cardstock paper to a cute and appealing gift bag – just like those you buy at the store!

Have some jute twine (or ribbon) on the shelf? Even better.

I’ll be showing you today how you can transform cardstock to gift bag in one simple video so that you don’t have to do too much reading.

After all, it’s easier to watch a video than read directions right? Let’s get to it!

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What You Will Need

The supplies you will need to make your gift bag includes:

  • Cardstock paper of your choice – I used my Recollections All Seasons Cardstock Paper (Christmas-themed) for this tutorial
  • Tape – I used tape to secure the paper together but you can use liquid glue, glue stick, or any other forms of adhesive
  • Single hole puncher – We will use a hole puncher to create holes for our jute twine
  • Jute twine (or ribbon) – Jute twine will be used to create a knot or bow when we finish our gift bag. I grabbed mine from my local Michael’s.
  • Scissors – Not included in the picture above, but it will be necessary for cutting your jute twine (or ribbon)

How-to Video

This small gift bag has an approximate measurement of 3.5 in. x 2 in. x 6 in (with the top folded down).

Keep in mind that the size of your gift bag may differ, depending on how you fold your bag.

You can also use wrapping paper if you don’t have cardstock paper; however, wrapping paper can be less sturdy compared to cardstock paper because it is more thin to work with. The good thing about wrapping paper is that you can make bigger size gift bags, allowing you to customize the perfect size for your gift. 

If you want bigger size gift bags and plan to make more than one bag, I recommend using butcher’s paper (or Kraft paper roll). These are the perfect paper weight for wrapping gifts, making gift bags, and doing other crafts. 

I ordered these from Amazon and highly recommend them for your craft creations.

How You Can Use This Gift Bag

This gift bag is the perfect size for party favors as well as for small gifts to family and friends.

You can use it for gift exchanges, birthday parties, stocking stuffers, and more. I love that it’s big enough to fit in cards, letters, candies, and even other small gifts such as jewelry, bracelets, watches, cosmetics, and other small items. 

If you’re looking to make them as party favors for an event, you can do a mix and match style under one theme, giving your party an additional fun look – just like how I did it!

Made these bags? Share with us how you did in the comments below!

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