How to Make Elastic Hair Ties

Hair ties are like socks. No matter how many times you buy new ones, they always seem to disappear somewhere in the house. For some, they disappear forever. 

I know with my hair ties, I would use them and set it aside when I go to sleep but when I wake up, they would disappear! Almost like they’ve walked away on their own.

Jokes aside, I understand that the costs of buying hair ties can be more than you prefer. A pack can range anywhere from $2 to $4 and when you lose them so easily, it can be frustrating that you have to take another trip to the store to buy more.

But with this easy and fun solution, you can make as many hair ties as you want. And, whenever you want.

Let’s get started!

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What You Need

There are only three items involved:

  • Elastic cord
  • Hot glue gun (with hot glue sticks)
  • A pair of scissors

The elastic cord I used was purchased through amazon and was originally part of my sewing project for masks but with the remaining unused cord, I decided to use it for hair ties.

The cord is stretchy and more on the softer side than the regular hair ties you find at the store but you can choose any elastic cord you want. Amazon has a variety of different elastic cords available.

How to Make Elastic Hair Bands

  1. Preheat your hot glue gun and set it aside until heated.
  2. Grab your elastic string cord and cut it to 7 inches in length.
  3. Take one end of the string you cut, apply hot glue and quickly bring together the other end of the string. We want both ends to bind through the hot glue.
  4. Hold both ends in place until the hot glue cools.

Voila! You just made your very first elastic hair tie!

Video Tutorial

Tips & Recommendations

Elastic is a popular material used for hair ties because of its flexibility. You can stretch it, tie it, and use it in various products such as clothing, bedding, and more.

In this case, we are using it to bind our hair. But elastic cords come in various sizes and the material can also differ.

I used a soft elastic cord in this tutorial because it was what I had left after sewing my masks but you can opt for a stronger elastic cord like this one below.

The cord is 3mm thick and comes in 50 yards. It is more sturdy and stronger than the one I have but can be great for hair bands.

It is also similar to the hair ties you buy at the stores, which works perfectly for thick hair.

Made these hair ties? Share with us how you did in the comments below!

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