How to Plan and Execute! the Perfect Baby Shower

We all know how exciting it can be to prepare for the arrival of a new baby.

You’ll get to see small hands and feet, a cute little smile that you can just fall in love over and over again, AND you get to plan a baby shower.

Planning a baby shower can be time consuming. You’re thinking of where to start first. Where to buy your decorations and items. And which foods to provide for your guests.

Oh, and almost ALL baby shower ideas are tempting. But you really should only stick to ONE theme. 

That’s why I decided to make it easier for you. I created a bundle assistant that can help make planning easier!

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Here is a list of 9 things you should do to plan and execute! the perfect baby shower.

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How to Plan and Execute! the Perfect Baby Shower:

1. Create a Budget

Hosting a party can be expensive. That’s why you need a budget.

How much are you willing to spend? What items are you going to buy?

By making a list of categories that requires money, you can quickly identify how much to invest:

  • Location (if renting)
  • Decorations
  • Food
  • Party Activities
  • Party Favors

These bullet points will be further explained below!

2. Choose a Theme

To organize the perfect baby shower, you need a theme!

One way to make it easy is to use a color scheme.

Not sure what it is?

A color scheme is the use of multiple colors to make an arrangement or design of something. That “something” can be anything! Like a party. A house. A planner. An event. In this case, it will be your baby shower party.

One example is red, pink, light pink, purple. (For a girl)

OR, you can try blue, light blue, white, royal blue, dark blue. (For a boy)

Another way is to use the seasons.

Perhaps the little one will arrive during Spring? Think of flowers, butterflies, and birds!

Maybe in the winter? Think of snow flakes, ice, and frost!

Or to make it more creative, you can use Movie/Disney/Cartoon themes!

Disney Princesses, Cars, Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Frozen, etc…

Make it child-friendly and welcoming!

If you’re stuck on choosing a theme, make sure you grab your FREEBaby Shower Brainstorm Bundle” that includes 100+ baby shower theme ideas to get you started!

3. Find a Place to Host the Party

Finding a place to host the party is a must.  Make sure there will be enough room for your guests to sit, eat, and play!

  • In-house: Will this party be an in-house party? If so, at who’s house?
  • Renting a room: Will you be renting a room to host the party? Find which places that provides rooms for rentals. You can check a hotel’s meeting room, an event center, or even at your local church!

Once you know where to host the party, you can plan how to lay out your decorations!

4. Plan Your Decorations

Your decorations are like the cover of a book. It should be eye-catching but of course, within your budget.

Let’s break it down:

  • Dessert table
    • Centerpiece (this is the focal point of your table)
    • Banners
    • Table cloths (I use disposable table cloths from Dollar Tree!)
    • Dessert plates or platters (to make it look elegant)
  • Seating table
    • Table cloths
    • Centerpiece
  • Backdrop (this can be for your dessert table, for a photo booth, or for anything to make it appealing!)
  • Ceiling/Wall decorations
    • Banners, balloons, etc…
    • Streamers
    • Baby shower printable decorations

5. Plan Your Food & Beverages

What kind of food do you plan to provide for the guests?

Finger foods? Appetizer foods? Whole-meal foods?

You can even plan a food “bar”!

  • Taco bar
  • Baked potato bar
  • Ice cream bar (for desserts!)
  • Salad bar
  • Vermicelli bowl bar (Not sure what this is? It’s a bowl that uses the combination of rice noodles, vegetables, meat, and a simple oil-free dressing)
  • Nacho bar
  • Hot Dogs & Burger bar
  • Or you can customize your own food bar to make it fun!

Oh, and don’t forget the cake and desserts!

6. Plan Party Activities

A baby shower is no fun without party activities!

You don’t want your guests to simply come, sit, eat, and watch the new mom-to-be open gifts! Have them participate in the fun too!

DIY Game Ideas to start with:

  • Guess mom’s measurements:
    • What you’ll need: Toilet paper roll
    • Using toilet paper roll, wrap a sheet around the mom’s back-to-the-belly button, tear it off and then set it aside. This sheet will be used as the “goal” length that each guest needs to go by. As for the guests, have each person think how long mom’s measurements are and tear it off the roll.  Each guest will hold on to their toilet roll sheet until everyone did their round. Whoever has the closest sheet measurement to mom’s, wins the game!
  • Don’t say, “Baby”:
    • What you’ll need: Clothespins and a basket or bowl (to hold the clothespins)
    • Set a bowl or basket of clothespins by the entrance of the door and have each arriving guest grab 1 clothespin and pin it to their shirt.
    • To play: The game is that whoever says the word, “Baby”, loses a pin to another participant and whoever collects the MOST pins at the end of the party wins a prize!
  • Dirty Diapers:
    • What you’ll need: 3 clean baby diapers, 3 candy bars (pick the ones with caramel or nuts inside), paper to make paper slips, pen for writing, and basket/bowl.
    • Label each diaper, “A, B, and C”. Take out the candy bars but keep the candy wrappers. You will label each candy wrapper, “1, 2, and 3”. On a piece of paper, write down the diaper labels (A, B, C) on the left column and write down the candy numbers (1, 2, 3) on the right column (this will be the paper slip). Make more than 1 copy of this so that each guest can submit a paper slip as their answer. Using the candy bars that you took out, crush each one and smoosh it on each diaper to make it look “dirty/soiled”.
    • To play: Each guest will mix and match the letters to the numbers, write their name on the paper slip, fold it, and place it in a basket or bowl.  At the end of the day, have a person look at all the answers and see which ones were correct. The guests who had the correct answers will get one prize. (This game can have more than one winner so a good prize selection will be goodie bags or small prizes).

Additional Party Games to think of:

  • Apples to Apples (Board Game)
  • Baby Shower word scramble
  • My Water Broke: Give an ice cube with a baby inside to each guest and see which ice cube melts first! First person to melt the ice wins!
  • Word Search contest: Use a free word search generator online to create a word search competition between your guests! Whoever finishes first wins the game.
  • Baby Shower Bingo!
  • Charades! Have you heard about the Charades app? Simply download the app onto your phone to start. Personally, I enjoy this game and recommend adding this onto your activity list.

7. Gather Your Guest List

Once you’ve completed all steps prior to this one, you need to gather your guest list. Make sure you list out all the names and contact information so that you have the necessary information to create an invitation!

8. Create and Send Out Invitations

Creating your invitation has become easier now than ever because there are so many resources you can use. There are invitations that have already been premade where you can simply fill in the blanks and mail it. Or you can find DIY invitation ideas online and make them!

But! What makes it better is when you can simply create e-invitations and distribute them to your guests via email or text message! (Hey, we’re in the digital age now so it’s okay!)

Just make sure you understand your relationships with yours guests. Like if you have a friend who thinks it is more appropriate to invite through mail, might as well send an invitation! You want it to be a formal invitation that fits both YOU and YOUR GUESTS.

Use free online invitation editors to make pretty and appealing cards! I personally use This is a FREE platform to help you design invitation cards, social media images, etc!

Your invitations should have:

  • Headline: You can put something like, “You’re invited!” or “It’s baby time!”. Make it catchy and “inviting”.
  • In honor of  (names of new parents-to-be): Make sure you include this line for guests to know who this baby shower is for.
  • Date & Time: People want to know when and what time so that they can start arranging their time to join!
  • Location: Place the address of your event here! If your guests are unsure of where it is, they will have an address to GPS their way there.
  • RSVP information: This can be optional but if you are expecting to have “Reserved” tables or want to get a “count” of how many people will be there, it is a great idea to put this on there.
  • Contact information of the host: Make sure you include the contact information of the person hosting the party (whether it is you or someone else) so that guests can have someone to contact for questions and to RSVP (if applicable).

9. End the Party with Party Favors

As a thank-you gift for guests, you should create party favors for guests to bring home!

One question I always ask: What will my guests enjoy the most?

Of course, food is one of them. How about creating a goodie bag? Or what about a take-home cupcake? You can never go wrong with food.

Or how about candles? Key chains or shot glasses? You can customize your party favors or buy small items and place it into small satin bags or cellophane gift bags.

So get creative and be considerate!

Don’t forget to grab your FREE & ExclusiveBaby Shower Brainstorm Bundle” that includes:

  • Baby Shower Checklist
  • Baby Shower Brainstorm Sheet
  • Plan and Execute! form
  • Budget Sheet
  • 100+ baby shower theme ideas!

Happy planning!

Oh, and one more thing.

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