How To Save Money Using the Honey App

The number of ways you can save money online is growing but one of my favorite ways is using the Honey app.

By using a droplist, I was able to purchase an item I have been eyeing for $4.90, when its original price was around $25. That’s a saving of over 80%! The deal was so good that I purchased two more of the same item and paid a total of $15 (taxes excluded).

Do you wish to find deals as great as this one? Because I’ll share with you all the tips and tricks you can use to do the same.

But first, let’s learn more about Honey.

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. I was not sponsored nor compensated to write a review about Honey and all opinions are solely mine, not the affiliated organization. Please see disclaimer for details. 

What is Honey?

Honey is a browser extension that can help you save money in four popular ways: coupon application, price tracking, droplisting, and cashback rewards.

It first came out in 2012 and became a subsidiary of the parent company, PayPal, in 2020. Honey is used by nearly 17 million people each month and is available in the following countries: United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom (additional international sites are in the works). 

The extension is available depending on the browser you are using: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, and Edge.

I personally use Chrome as my main web browser and love how easy and friendly it is. I can access the extension from any e-commerce website and instantly use the features when needed.

When shopping on Amazon or any other website, the extension will automatically pop up on the side of the scrollbar. If you hover over it, all the applicable features will appear.

Coupon Application

One way you can save money with Honey is to apply coupons to your online purchases. The browser extension will gather all the coupons available on the web and show you the ones you can use during checkout.

If you’re unsure of which coupons may apply, Honey will automatically apply all the eligible coupons to your cart and tell you whether the coupons have successfully worked or not. 

Below is a snapshot of the coupon screen that popped up when I was checking out my cart on

The coupon codes also tell you when it was last used, last saved, or the number of times the code was used. In this example, you can see that the coupon code above was last used 3 hours ago. 

Price Tracking

Price tracking is another way you can save money with the extension. With a single click, you can track the price of a product and view its price history within the last 30 days. The browser extension will show you a visual trend using a line graph. The graph will show you a slope if the price has increased or decreased within the last 30 days.

Below, you will see that a product I was looking at has increased by $3.00 within the last 30 days.

With the price going up, do you really want to buy this item right now? Maybe not. Instead, let’s add it to a droplist so we can monitor the price going forward.


If you have a specific item or product that you want to buy at its lowest price possible, the best way to do this is to add it to a droplist. That’s how I saved over 80% on my item!

A droplist is a list associated with your Honey account that you can use to track prices of products from eligible websites. Currently, you can add items from over 800+ stores. You can modify alert settings, as well as add it to a collection or group. 

Once a price drop is detected, you will receive a notification via email. Make sure your email notification settings are enabled on your mobile device for quick results.

Cashback Reward Points

Last but not least, save money with Honey by accumulating Honey Gold points. You can do this by activating the cashback feature on your shopping website using the extension. Once a purchase is made, points are added to your “bank”.

For every 1,000 Gold points you accumulate, you can redeem it for $10. 

To redeem your points, you can convert the points into cash, credit, or into a gift card. As a result of the acquisition, members can now convert their points into a shopping credit with their PayPal account.

Please note: Shopping credit and cashback features are only available to U.S. members.

In the example above, I can redeem my Gold points for $11.80 (yay!).

Save with Gift Card Deals

Saving money doesn’t end here – I have one more tip for you! 

With Honey’s Gift Card Deals feature, you can instantly purchase a discounted gift card during checkout and apply the gift card to your order by following the store’s directions. Think of it as purchasing a gift card from Honey, and then using it to cover your order. 

For example, if you were shopping at and came to checkout with the total amount of $25 but the Honey extension pops up to offer you a gift card for $22 (with the value of $25), then that means you are saving an additional $3 on top of all the other features. Neat right?

One thing to remember – these gift card deals are site and order specific so it is different from gift cards you can get by redeeming your Honey Gold points. To view a list of stores with gift card deals, click here

Are you ready to save money with Honey? 

Want the mobile app? Download it here.



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