How to Prepare Your Baby for the Flu Season

The most hectic season is around the corner and parents hate it: the flu season. This is the season of runny nose, mucus, fevers, and coughs. For parents (or adults), viral infections are easier to manage as we know the kind of medications and methods to take for ourselves if we get sick. For babies? […]

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Why You Need a Babymoon : A Honeymoon Before the Baby

Have you ever considered a pregnancy vacation? The “honeymoon” before the baby? If not, I highly suggest you do! Your pregnancy vacation, or babymoon, will help you relax and enjoy your pregnant little self before all the chaos comes. When I’m talking “chaos”, it means all the Mom things you’ll have to manage and work […]

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4 Fascinating Products that Helped Me Survive Back Pain During Pregnancy

If you’re pregnant and curious about ways to relieve back pain, you’re in the right place. I’ve tried 4 fascinating products that helped me survive back pain during pregnancy, and trust me. I don’t know how I would survive without it! I’m the person who was struggling with back pain before¬†pregnancy. Even then, it wasn’t […]

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