how to save money

How To Save Money Using the Honey App

The number of ways you can save money online is growing but one of my favorite ways is using the Honey app. By using a droplist, I was able to purchase an item I have been eyeing for $4.90, when its original price was around $25. That’s a saving of over 80%! The deal was […]

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The Ultimate Guide on How to Coupon and Save Money

Looking for ways to save money? Couponing may be your answer. Although there are several ways to save money out there, couponing is one of my favorites ways because 1) it’s easy to learn and 2) it really works! When I say it’s easy to learn, I mean that there is actually a secret formula […]

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10 Effective (and PROVEN) Ways to Save for Mothers

Moms like to shop – but we also like to save! If you’re the shopper in the house, you’re probably familiar with how much money is spent on household essentials and other items. Not to mention groceries, there are various budget expenses you’re also tracking. Rent, utility bills, credit card payments, and more. But what […]

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