30 Instant Mood Boosters for the Exhausted Mom

It’s time to confess Mama. You’re tired, exhausted, and your brain is about to cave in right? As the lady of the house, you are carrying a big weight on your shoulder. You think about the responsibility you have to your family and the obligation to fulfill them. Perhaps you’re having a bad day at […]

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6 (Must-Do’s) After You Give Birth

Are you super excited about your new addition?? Congrats, Ma! But did you know that there were a few extra steps you needed to do after birth? Before you get too comfy, let’s learn a few thing that you must do postpartum. This post may contain affiliate links. Please see disclaimer for details. 6 (Must-Do’s) […]

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15 Items You Should to Add to Your Baby Registry

Creating your very first baby registry may be overwhelming. There are numerous products to select from and you might be tempted to even add them all. But fear not, I’m here today to share 15 of my favorite baby products that I know you will need – for less than $50.00! This post contains affiliate […]

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Why You Need a Mama Care Kit – Your Postpartum Essentials

(Updated 12/20/2018) What’s a Mama Care Kit and what’s in it? A Mama Care Kit is a kit full of postpartum essentials that will help you during your recovery after birth. This post contains affiliated links in which I earn a commission for each purchase you make through the link but is at no additional […]

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5 Things to Prepare Before You Go in Labor

If you find yourself wondering what you need to do before labor, you’re in the right place. I remember when I was 7 months pregnant, I would get anxious because I knew my little one was coming – and she was coming soon. I didn’t know what things I needed to get done and how I […]

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