This One Amazing Hack that Every Forgetful Mom Should Use for The Diaper Bag

Are you that mom who always forget things? Especially when you’re getting ready to leave the house?

You have kids to worry about. You have the diaper bag to worry about. You have your husband waiting (which of course, he NEEDS to help pack too but sometimes the hubs take waaaay too long to pack and doesn’t even know what to pack!). Grrrr…

So here I am, ending up taking control of the diaper bag and wondering how Mama-life became one messy, scrambled egg.

The thing is, I only have ONE baby to worry about and I’m already losing my mind before I walk out the door!

I feel like I’m always rush-packing baby’s items.

Did I pack the bottle? How about the diapers? Wipes? Clothes? Pacifier?

Oh wait.

What about the formula?

Okay. We’re all good.

Once I’ve got my diaper bag zipped up, leave the house, and head onto the road, it’s not until my little one starts crying for a feeding that I realized I forgot one essential item. Water. 

Good grief. I forgot the water!

So “mommy brain” I am, drives to the closest store I can find ONLY to buy a water bottle. And trust me, this happened to me several times already!

That’s why I started using something better to help me keep track of all the things I need for the diaper bag. Something that will help me remember all the essential items I need to make sure my baby is cared for.

No more “stops to buy items that I’ve missed” and no more “panic attacks”!

Honestly, I’ve come to love this new and simple “system” so much that I highly suggest you try it too!

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This One Amazing Hack that Every Forgetful Mom Should Use for the Diaper Bag

My one amazing hack that I found helpful is to use a luggage tag for the diaper bag. I find that ever since I’ve started using a luggage tag, I’ve been successfully packing the diaper bag like a pro!

I use it as a mini checklist of all the essential items I need to pack:

  • Diapers
  • Wipes
  • Clothes
  • Bibs/Burp Cloth
  • Bottles
  • Formula (or breast milk packages if you breastfeed)
  • Water Bottle
  • Medicine (you never know when you need it!)
  • Nail Clipper
  • Blankets
  • Etc!

I have it attached to my diaper bag at all times so that any time I am ready to leave the house , I can pack with ease!

I personally purchased and used these clear vinyl luggage tags below to hold my mini checklist.

It is sturdy, lightweight, and easy to use.

As for the name card, I replaced it with a mini checklist card that I created. I find that the name cards are just the perfect size for any type of checklist you want to create!

And voila! My forgetfulness has been resolved!

The Effects of the Luggage Tag

One of the main effects of the luggage tag is a complete and successfully-packed diaper bag. Ever since I’ve started using the luggage tag, I haven’t missed a single item! I’ve got all my essentials I needed for my little one AND I reduced the amount of time I needed to pack baby’s items.

Another main effect of the luggage tag is a complete and successfully-packed diaper bag FROM THE HUSBAND! That’s right! During the times that I’m not present where my husband would be in charge of the bag, he’s been able to make sure all the essential items baby needed was all there! Whether my husband is dropping off my little one at Grandma’s house or going to the store with baby, I know that I won’t have to worry about a thing because he’s all geared up.

Even the husband applauded this method!

What do you think? Did you find this hack useful as well? What other ways did you try to help you successfully pack baby’s items? Please do share, we’d all like to know!

To make it even better, you get to test-drive this method using my FREE diaper bag checklist template located in my FREE resource library – Subscribe below to gain access!

The cards are 4 x 2.75 inches and will fit the clear vinyl luggage tags as displayed above.

Oh, and one more thing.

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