Top 15 Places That Will Help You Grocery Shop Without Going In-Store

As we head into a new decade, there’s been one thing that is evidently changing our shopping experiences – that is, grocery pickup and delivery services. 

The demand for convenience is increasing and in order for retail stores and suppliers to meet them, they are creating services that cuts time and effort for customers. Overall, quality customer experience influences better company profitability. 

We are investing less time going in-store to pick up our cart full of groceries and instead, allowing store shoppers to pick up our items and load it straight into our safe place – be it our home or our car

As a mom of one, wild toddler, I can attest that these services have become my new favorite thing.

It helps balance out my busy and chaotic schedule, which allows me to go about my day so that I can focus on other tasks. 

Not only does these services benefit parents, it also works well for busy individuals who has little to no time to do their weekly grocery runs. In addition, you may find yourself saving more by shopping online than in-store!

If you are looking for a compiled list of places to help you grocery shop without going in-store, perhaps these 15 places below can be an option you can choose from.

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1. Walmart Grocery Pickup

Without a doubt, Walmart makes the list as one of the top stores that offers to grocery shop for you.

As Walmart extends to improve their service for their customers, they also focused on the idea of “convenience”. When you are busy running errands for the family and have no time to cook or grocery shop, you can always turn to Walmart for a helping hand.

Services available include pickup & delivery.


The pickup feature has become a popular service that many parents enjoy.

The stores that have an orange coded parking space that is labeled for “Pickup,” are the stores that offers this service. Another way you can tell if a store offers the service is if there is an orange sign painted on the side of the building labeled, “Pickup”. 

Unfortunately, not all stores offer pickup but I have seen it available at several stores near me. To see if your store offer pickup, click here.

To start your pickup experience, your orders must be submitted online through the Walmart app or through a web browser.

You can create your free online account, add items to your cart, and checkout once your shopping is complete. Orders must have a minimum of $30.00. 


The delivery service is also available depending on whether your local store offers it or not. Deliveries may cost close to $8.00 for each delivery (prices may vary). 

Walmart rolled out a new feature in 2019 called, Delivery Unlimited, which allows customers to subscribe monthly or annually for unlimited deliveries without paying a fee per order. 

Presently, the monthly cost is $12.95 and the annual cost is $98.00.

If you are unsure if this is what you want, you can also try it out for FREE! for 15 days. You can do this by learning more here.

Overall, the pickup and delivery service can help tremendously if you live near Walmart and shop there on a weekly basis.

Keep in mind that for most online orders, you must allow time for Walmart to prepare it (approx. 2-3 hours). Time slots will be available for you to select from.

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2. Amazon Prime Pantry

If you are familiar with Amazon, you can also trying their Amazon Prime Pantry service.

It’s a service that allows you to shop straight from your phone and have your groceries delivered within 1-4 business days. 

For prime members, you must order a minimum of $35 worth of items for free shipping.

However, if you don’t meet the threshold, all orders will have a $5.99 fee for the delivery service. This fee will also apply for all orders submitted by non-prime members. And yes! Non-prime members can also take advantage of this service.

A variety of items you can order include groceries, snacks, drinks, breakfast items, and household necessities. Also, make sure you don’t miss out on deals for extra savings.

Note on produce items: If you are looking for fresh produce, there are limited options available; however, you may stock up on canned veggies and fruits if desired.

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3. Whole Foods 2-Hour Delivery

Whole Foods, a subsidiary of Amazon, is now offering a 2-hour delivery service for its customers. 

With a prime membership, you can reap the benefits of having your groceries delivered straight to your door within a 2-hour window. Orders must have a minimum of $35.00 for free deliveries.

Whole Foods run prime deals on a weekly basis and you can find great savings on select produce and items.

If preferred, you can also choose to have your groceries picked up instead. With the pickup service, you can pick up your groceries as soon as 1 hour after checkout.

Make sure your local store offers pickup and delivery before ordering as locations may vary.

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4. Target Pickup & Delivery

Have a Target nearby? Use their pickup and delivery service!

Target now allows customers to order their groceries online and have it picked up at the store, or you can have your groceries delivered.

With the various selection of groceries to choose from, you may benefit from this service when your day is filled with tasks to-do or even while you’re working.


To use the pickup service, you will need to order your groceries through the Target app or through a web browser. Order pickups are free but you must allow a 2-hour window for Target to prepare your order. 

You can also use Target’s Drive Up feature, which allows customers to drive up to the store and have your groceries loaded into the car. Deals and discounts are available for extra savings. Be on the lookout! 🙂


Target deliveries are powered by Shipt and they allow same-day delivery. If your order is over $35, you may be eligible for free delivery or if your order is less, a fee of $9.99 will apply. 

Locations may vary. Make sure you check with your local Target for details.

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5. Reasor’s Curbside & Delivery

Reasor’s is a grocery store based in Northeastern Oklahoma, with 17 locations and over 2,000 employees.

If you have a Reasor’s near you, you may order your groceries online and have it picked up when ready through Reasor’s Curbside service. 

In order to do so, you will need to go to and select your store so that you can view available time slots for pickup.

Another great thing about this is that you can apply weekly deals and coupons to your online purchases.

For example, if Reasor’s is running a 10 for $10 deal, you can snag this deal by browsing select items that are eligible by adding the items to your cart. The discounts will automatically apply at checkout.

The pickup service is free as long as your orders exceed the $30.00 minimum; however, if your order is less than $30.00, you will need to pay a $5.00 service charge.

Most stores have a designated parking space on the side of the building where you can drive into the drive thru and have your groceries loaded into your car, which makes it convenient when you have kids with you.

For additional details on this service, you may view the FAQ’s here or go straight to the link below to order your first pickup.

Reasor’s also offer grocery delivery through Shipt. If you’d like to receive same-day delivery, you can create an online account with Shipt and receive your order as soon as 1 hour. Delivery fees may apply.

Check with your local store for details as locations may vary.

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6. Sam’s Club Pick Up

Sam’s Club, a retail wholesale warehouse club, is a subsidiary of Walmart that offers grocery pickup with no minimum requirement when you have a club membership. 

All you have to do is shop online, download the app to check in, and snag your items.  Not only can you shop for groceries, you can also add items from other departments within the store.

Club pickup hours include:

  • Mon-Friday, any time after 10 a.m.
  • Saturday, any time after 9 a.m.
  • Sunday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Sam’s Club pick up is convenient when you are ordering grocery items in bulk. For the parent who loves meal prepping or planning meals – this is for you!

They offer same-day pickup, which makes it easy for weekly grocery runs. However, keep in mind that you must allow a minimum of 4 hours for Sam’s Club to prepare your order. Time slots are available for you to select from.

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7. Kroger’s Pickup

Information below may apply to Kroger’s and its subsidiaries for its services. Subsidiaries include: Ralph’s, Dillons, Foods Co., Quality Food Centers, Harris Teeter, King Soopers, Fred Meyer, Smith’s, City Market, Fry’s Food and Drug, etc…Check with your local store for details.

Kroger’s is also hopping onto the wagon by offering grocery pickup and delivery services. With its stores located in 35 states, you are sure to find a store nearby that can help ease the stress of shopping for your family.


The pickup service, previously named ClickList, allows you to shop online and pick up your groceries once your order is ready. All you have to do is pull up to the pickup area and let your store associate know you are parked outside. The store associates will even load your groceries into the car. 

For the first 3 orders, pickup fees will be waived and for the following orders, fees will vary based on the region.


Delivery orders are also made possible through a third-party service provider. 

You can order items online and have it delivered for a fee of $5.95, along with a service charge of $6.00. Locations may vary, check with your local store for details. 

One neat fact about online orders is that you can also apply digital coupons to your purchase, which means that you can snag extra savings!

For details on any of the listed subsidiaries, check online to verify whether your local store offers pickup or delivery.

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8. Shipt

Shipt, a grocery delivery service now owned by Target, was launched in 2014 to make grocery shopping easier for its customers.

With a simple entry of your zip code, you can find a list of partnered stores who can have your items delivered to your door by Shipt. Some examples include Target, CVS Pharmacy, Office Depot, Petco, and more. 

The service is typically a paid service that you subscribe to use.

Monthly membership fee is $14 a month and annual fee is $99.00 a year. However, if you are unsure whether this service is something you want to try or not, you can also take advantage of its free trial for 2 weeks. 

For any orders over $35.00, delivery is free.

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9. Food City (GoCart pickup)

Food City, an American supermarket store located in Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Virginia, also offers grocery store pickup. If you live in one of these states, you may be in luck.

Their pickup service, named GoCart Curbside Pickup, is a service offered to its customers who wishes to order their groceries online and have it picked up at their convenience. 

You can do this by simply creating a Food City online account and having your items added to your cart. Once complete, you may check out and choose your desired time for pickup. Pickup time is available every day from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. 

Note: There is a shopping fee of $4.99 per order. 

A neat feature about their service is that you can also apply manufacturer and store coupons to your purchase. In order to do so, you will hand your coupons to your Professional Shopper at Curbside pickup so that the savings can apply.

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10. Peapod

If you live in Chicago, you have a good chance of trying Peapod’s grocery delivery service. 

Peapod was founded in 1989 in Evanston, Illinois, and continues to grow as it became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Royal Ahold in 2000. This Chicago-based grocery delivery service is available in over 500 zip codes but sources its groceries for national and local suppliers.

You can find a variety of food items including fresh and packaged produce, meal kits, beverages, frozen items, pantry items, and more. 

Pickup services are available in select areas but the main service available is grocery deliveries. 

Delivery fees include:

  • $6.95 for orders $100+
  • $7.95 for orders $75-$100
  • $9.95 for orders $30-$75

Pickup fees are $0.00 with a minimum purchase of $30.00. 

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11. Cub Foods 

Cub Foods is a supermarket chain in Minnesota and Illinois, owned by United Natural Foods, that provides a variety of food items to its customers. With a Cub Foods nearby, you can use their pickup and delivery service to help you grocery shop without going in-store. 


Pickup is made available by going to or downloading the Cub Foods app. Once your order is complete and ready, you can head to the store and wait for your groceries to be loaded into your car. 

Pickup is free for the first-time Instacart order. All orders afterwards will be $1.99 with a purchase of $35 or more. For orders less than $35, a fee of $3.99 will apply.


Deliveries are powered by Instacart and must have a minimum purchase of $10.00. You have the option to sign up with Instacart and apply for Instacart Express, which allows free deliveries on all orders over $35.00. 

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12. Costco

Another retail warehouse club that offers grocery pickup is Costco.

With its membership-only warehouse clubs located in several countries, it’s a relief to know that you can find one near you if you’re looking to buy groceries in bulk. For a better customer experience, Costco is now offering grocery delivery services.


Costco delivery is made possible with Same-Day delivery or 2-day delivery. 

Same-day delivery is powered by Instacart with a minimum order requirement of $35.00. You can select a wide variety of goods to order from and have it delivered straight to your door. You must be present for the delivery.

As for the 2-day delivery, you can select home essentials for delivery in select zip codes with no delivery fee on orders of $75.00. Presently, this option is unavailable in Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.

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13. Albertson’s Pickup (and its subsidiaries)

Information below may apply to Albertson’s and its subsidiaries for its services. Subsidiaries include: Acme Markets, Haggen, Jewel-Osco, Lucky, Pavilions, Randalls, Safeway Inc., Shaw’s and Star Market, Tom Thumb, United Supermarkets, and Vons. 

Albertson’s is a well-known supermarket chain in North America that offers a wide selection of groceries for its customers. If you have one near you, then you can also take advantage of their pickup and delivery service.

Grocery pickup and delivery is made possible through Instacart. You will need to download the Instacart app and once your order is ready for checkout, you may select your pickup or delivery time. Fees vary per store. 

Rather than ordering through Instacart, Albertson’s also offer a curbside pickup called, Drive Up and Go. With this service, the service charge is $3.95-$4.95 with a minimum order of $30.00. 

Once your order is complete, you may drive up to the designated parking spot and have the store employees load groceries into your car. 

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14. Publix Pickup

Publix, an employee-owned American supermarket, is a chain of grocery stores located in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia. 

If you live in one of these states, then you can enjoy Publix’s grocery pickup and delivery services. 

Similar to the previous stores listed, Publix also offers Delivery and Curbside pickup through Instacart. You can sign up through here and find if there is a store nearby that offers this service. Fees may apply. 

In addition to services offered by Instacart, Publix also offers their own in-store pickup.

The difference is that in-store pickup is applicable to orders involving subs, meat, cheese, cakes, platters, meals, and gifts; whereas, the service powered through Instacart applies to other grocery items. 

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15. Instacart

Perhaps using Instacart may be one of the first place you want to go to if you’re looking for a shopping helper. 

Instacart partners with several local stores to make shopping easier for you. By creating an account, you can gain access to several local stores who will have a shopper pick your groceries and deliver it straight to your home.

Or if you prefer, you can also have your groceries prepared for pickup instead. 

Instacart delivery is available as early as 9 a.m. in the morning up until midnight, depending on your local store. You can also have your groceries delivered as soon as within 1 hour. 

Delivery fees vary by location and store but is definitely worth the time and driving you save. 

Click the link below to learn more about Instacart and start your account today.

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