Top 7 Places to Start Your Baby Registry

Creating a baby registry is one of the best highlights in pregnancy.

You get to create a wish list full of items you want for your baby, including some of the essentials such as diapers, bottles, baby gear, and furniture. You get to plan your ideal nursery, search for affordable registry items, and gain inspiration from some of the cutest nursery themes out there (Pinterest is my go-to).

However, you’ll soon learn that there is more than one place to create a baby registry. How do you know which one is the best and what type of benefits do they offer?

Here are the top seven places where you can start your baby registry and all the perks that comes along with it.

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1. Target

One of the most popular stores for first-time moms is Target.

With a registry at Target, you gain access to a wide selection of baby items from baby clothes to baby bath essentials and more. Not to mention, you also receive a free welcome baby kit that comes with cool things such as baby bottles, pacifiers, samples, and coupons (items may vary per kit).

My favorite thing about this registry is that you can add as many items as you need and for any remaining items unpurchased, you can buy them with a 15% off coupon as you approach your due date. This is especially helpful when you have big-ticket items on the list.

Have a REDcard as well? That’s an additional 5% off, saving you a total of 20% off your purchase! That’s what I like to call “stacking up those savings”.

>>>To start your registry, click here. 

2. Walmart

Walmart is a popular choice among parents because it’s both convenient and affordable. The store offers a variety of baby items you can select from and is located right in town where friends and family can access.

With a Walmart registry, you are eligible to receive a free welcome baby box (up to $40 value) and can do free and easy returns on select items up to one year.

Your welcome baby box may include items such as baby wipes, diapers, ointments or creams, bottles, and samples of other baby products.

>>>To start your registry, click here.

3. Amazon

Create a baby registry with Amazon and gain access to a big selection of baby items as well as perks and freebies. Amazon is one of the biggest online stores in the world and offers baby products from numerous big-name brands such as Huggies, Pampers, Avent, Chicco, Graco, and more.

With an Amazon registry you will receive:

  • A free welcome baby box (up to $35 value)
  • A completion discount of 10% off any items left unpurchased on your registry (15% off for Prime members)
  • A year of free returns

In addition, you can add items from other websites to your registry using the Universal Registry. This allows you to view all your items in one place without jumping back and forth from one site to another.

Note: The free welcome baby box is only available to active Prime members who have completed 60% of their registry and have over $10 of purchases from their registry.

>>>To start your registry, click here.

4. buybuyBaby

Have a buybuyBaby store nearby? Create a registry with them!

With a buybuyBaby registry, you will receive:

  • A free bag filled with samples, coupons, and a copy of the Baby Registry Guide
  • 15% off your remaining registry items
  • Free shipping for baby’s first year when the value of gifts purchased from your registry exceeds $1,500
  • A reward of $25 off a $100 in-store purchase when you refer a friend

In addition, you can use the interactive checklist to manage all the things you added as well as track the prices of items to make sure you’re within range so your friends and family can find the gift you need.

>>>To start your registry, click here.

5. Pottery Barn Kids

For quality and trendy baby items, Pottery Barn Kids may be the place for you.

With a registry from Pottery Barn Kids, you can add unique and quality baby products to your list and share it with family and friends.

Brands you can find include Avancy, Baby Jogger, Babyletto, Babymoov, BabyBjorn, Bella Tunno, Bombol, Cybex, WAYB, etc…

You can find products to create your ideal nursery or add baby gear such as car seats, strollers, cribs, and more.

Similar to other registries, you also get a 20% off completion discount that can be used for any remaining items unpurchased.

>>>To start your registry, click here. 

6. Babylist

Create a registry with Babylist and turn it into a hub, where you can view all your registries in one place from stores like Amazon, Target, Walmart, buybuyBaby, and more.

With the Babylist registry, you can add items from any store using the Babylist button.

The Babylist button can be added to your bookmarks bar and any time you find an item you like, you simply click the button on your bookmarks bar and the item is saved. Simple and easy to use.

In addition, you can also receive a free Hello Baby Box with samples and products for baby. However, a minimum of $10 purchase is required from the Babylist store. For more on how to get the Hello Baby Box, read more here.

>>>To start your registry, click here. 

7. Crate & Barrel

If you’d like free and expert baby nursery design services along with your registry, then Crate & Barrel may be a baby registry worth creating. You can use their free interior design tool as well as pick out the perfect themes and schemes for baby’s nursery.

You can find stylish furniture designs, storage bins, baskets, bedding, etc…

I also like that Crate & Barrel has a page filled with room ideas for you to choose from. You can find inspiration for nursery rooms, bedrooms, play areas, and even study spaces (for when baby grows up).

Additional benefits include a 10% completion discount, free shipping on eligible items, and an easy mobile app manager.

>>> To start your registry, click here. 

My Personal Tips & Recommendations

With several baby registry places to choose from, you may find it hard to decide which one you should go with. Below, I’ve shared a few of my favorite tips and recommendations that can help you narrow down your choices.

Selection of items

When choosing a registry, you want to choose a place that offers a variety of baby items. These items are typically organized into categories but the major categories include baby gear, baby furniture, bedding, bath, clothes, diapers, health and safety, etc…

You will notice that some places do not have certain items you need so you will have to choose another registry to complete the list, which is something that may be more of a hassle than helpful.

Benefits or perks

Choosing a baby registry with the most benefits and perks is a plus. Freebies are always welcomed (e.g. baby boxes) and completion discounts are a great help when you’re wrapping up big-ticket items such as car seats, strollers, cribs, and bassinets.

By comparing the benefits and perks, you can easily identify the one that suits you the most.


Prices of baby items are important because you also want to consider the budget of family and friends. I recommend including affordable baby items that you know family and friends can purchase but is also something you need for baby.

Also consider a registry that allows friends and family to contribute cash to a diaper fund or for a specific item. For example, Amazon allows friends and family to contribute cash to a crib or stroller.


How convenient is it for family and friends to access the place you choose? Is there a store in town? Can they purchase online items?

If you have parents or grandparents who are not tech-savvy, then it may be easier to choose a place where they can shop in-store for the items on your list.

Or if most of your family and friends already have an Amazon account, then choosing an Amazon Baby Registry may be an easier option.

However, my #1 biggest tip is that you don’t have to stick to only one registry. You can do all of them if desired!

If you choose to do so, don’t forget that Babylist allows you to view all your registries in one place and add any online item to your list from any store using the Babylist Button.

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