Why You Need a Babymoon : A Honeymoon Before the Baby

Have you ever considered a pregnancy vacation? The “honeymoon” before the baby?

If not, I highly suggest you do!

Your pregnancy vacation, or babymoon, will help you relax and enjoy your pregnant little self before all the chaos comes.

When I’m talking “chaos”, it means all the Mom things you’ll have to manage and work with when your little one arrives.

You’ll have to change diapers, feed baby, manage time, set sleep schedules, run errands, cook dinner, do laundry, and so much more!

The Mom list continues to grow – which you will soon find out! Or if you’re already a Mom with little kiddos, you know what I’m talking about!

And did I mention that you should expect sleepless nights?? Yep! That’s right. Sometimes, these nights last for weeks! But you can learn how to change your baby’s sleep schedule using my other post as guidance.

Nevertheless, a babymoon is worth it! Let’s talk why.

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Why You Need a Babymoon : A Honeymoon Before the Baby

There are so many reasons I can list to give you the BIGGEST encouragement you need but I’ve decided to make it simple with 5 reasons to have a babymoon.

1. It’s an energizer.

Pregnancy takes a toll on you. You’ve gone through it all. The symptoms. The crazy cravings. The exhaustion – which I hope is over already! The back pain. Charley horses? Yep! It’s all there.

The factors that drains your energy.

That’s why you need motivation. A refresher. An energizer.

And keep in mind that not only do you get energized from a babymoon, you become motivated. 

Motivated to face all the roadblocks that will be coming your way. And motivated to plan baby’s arrival – which is what we all need every step of the way through pregnancy.

2. You may not get another vacation for a while.

You probably didn’t think about it but once you have a baby, you’ll be home-bound. Which means, you’ll be staying home, resting, and bonding with your new bundle of joy.

If you go through natural birth, you’ll be expecting recovery.

If you go through a C-Section, you BETTER expect a full-blown recovery.

And each of these will require at least 6 weeks of rest.

Which means you won’t be going on another vacation for at least 6 weeks – or even more!

3. Stress Reliever

Not only does pregnancy cause a drain of energy, it also gives you stress.

You’re stressing about finances, things to prepare, things to buy, and all the other little worries that runs through your mind 24/7.

That’s why you need a place to relax. A place to be stress-free and a place where you can just float on a cloud and block out all those “must-do” items you have on your list.

For once, let’s just all think about what’s in front of us. The beach? The mountains? The lake? You name it!

4. Makes up for the Honeymoon you never had.

If you’re like me, you probably didn’t get a honeymoon.

You didn’t get to go to Hawaii – like we all dreamed. Or Las Vegas – where money has no limits! Or even go on a cruise – wait, is that the bills knocking on my door?

Because of bills, bills, bills. I was stuck with no Honeymoon. By the time I was able to save a little, baby was already on her way.

So of course, I used this to my advantage and went on a babymoon instead. The honeymoon before the baby.

I have no regrets and honestly, this was way much better than an actual honeymoon. I was able to enjoy my babymoon with not only my husband but with another precious little human (my NEW love of my life).

So what’s better?

Celebrating marriage? Or celebrating motherhood?

5. Rekindle the love you have.

We all know once you start having a baby, life gets busy. And when life gets busy, your romance is placed on hold.

Sometimes you may forget to have quality time with your spouse just because you’re busy dealing with your own problems – the pregnancy symptoms.

When I was pregnant, I was working 5 days a week. The only time I had to rest was the weekends – which was what I did every weekend. When exhaustion was riding my back, I didn’t have time for romance. All I wanted was a bed. Or a nice, comfy sofa to lay on.

Eventually, I realized I was lacking inspiration, motivation, and all things nice. Which began to show through my actions of “only wanting to be home” or “never wanting to go out”.

I knew I needed a break. A break from everything.

And to recover the quality time I was missing with my husband, I decided a babymoon was what we needed.

As it turns out, it was the perfect reason to rekindle the love we had. Not that it was no longer there, just that it was simply in “hibernation mode”.

So what do you think? Do you think YOU need a babymoon? If so, start planning now!

Not sure how to plan one? Let’s start with ideas!

You can plan a weekend getaway to the beach.

Or how about renting a cabin at the mountaintop? This one is my favorite! You can harmonize with nature and avoid all human interaction – which is what we all need once in a while.

Maybe a trip to the Bahamas? Or what about a 3-day cruise?

Make this trip worthwhile and throw away all the stress you have!

To make it easier for you, I’ve compiled a “Simple Babymoon – Plan It!” to help you organize a budget, cram ideas, brainstorm activities, and Execute! the babymoon.

Download my FREE “Simple Babymoon – Plan It!” by accessing my Free Resource Library.

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