Welcome to Leap to Mama World!

Here’s where you can learn all things baby, pregnancy, and motherhood.

This blog has been created to share, inspire, and help mothers like you journey through every step of the way – from having a baby to caring for one. You’ll find tips, hacks, advice, and personal experiences that can make your mama life easier.

But before we continue, let me introduce myself:

I’m Padee – a mom to one princess and a wife to a husband from France. I’m a person of books, movies, and coffee. But more importantly, I’m what you’re most familiar with : a working mom.

I’ve been working in the finance industry for 5 years in Corporate America and through various life events, discovered that working in Corporate America was not the “dream job” or “dream life” I wanted. Eventually, I learned that it was possible for me to pursue something I never thought of before : blogging.

How I started:

Blogging have always been at the back of my mind but I never discovered a passion to start until I had my daughter in October 2017. She gave me a purpose to write about something I enjoyed sharing – pregnancy and motherhood – and have continued to motivate me to become a better mom in different ways I never thought possible.

From the sleepless nights….to the random smiles and laughs during sleep…and to the growth spurts that makes me feel like a zombie with bloodshot eyes. The good and challenging days during the first month with my little one inspired me to share my journey through motherhood with others.

After 3 months postpartum, I finally created and published my blog in March 2018.

What you’ll learn:

I’m a person who believes in #mompower and hope to give you all the information you need for an easier mama life.

You’ll find me writing about:

  • Pregnancy and labor tips
  • Baby products
  • Ways to save money
  • Tools and resources for busy moms
  • Parenting tips
  • Baby registry must-haves
  • and more!

Look forward to reading some of my top posts and don’t forget to grab your freebies in the resource library!

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