3 Pregnancy Podcasts You Should Listen to When You Don’t Have Time to Read Pregnancy Books

Let’s face it – not every mom has time to read pregnancy books when your schedule is busy.

You may find yourself working, taking care of household duties, or running errands but that doesn’t mean you can’t educate yourself on pregnancy while multi-tasking.

Especially if you’re a first-time mom, learning all that you can about pregnancy tips or how to prepare for labor is essential to a stress-free journey ahead. I mean come’on, you’ll be in it for 9 months mama!

But how do you find the time to learn the most that you can when your day looks like – going to work, coming home, cooking dinner, cleaning the house, (taking care of your other kiddos, if you have any), and plugging in those grocery trips?

The solution is easy – you can listen to podcasts.

Podcasts have become my #1 favorite solution to gaining information when you don’t have time to read pregnancy books. Whether you are cooking dinner, washing dishes, doing laundry, or driving to work, you can always turn up an episode and listen in to all the good stuff right at your fingertips.

More importantly, what I love the most about podcasts is the fact that the episodes are hosted by real people with real pregnancy experiences.

Not only do you learn pregnancy information that are beneficial to you but you are also gaining insight from other moms who went through pregnancy themselves (or are currently going through one).

Some podcast episodes may feature individuals who specializes in pregnancy or childcare as well.

You will hear from midwives, doulas, labor and delivery nurses, doctors, authors, and writers or editors. There are different topics that are discussed throughout the episodes. Some topics commonly discussed include pregnancy symptoms, prenatal care, postpartum care, and labor and delivery options.

With a great panel of individuals lined up, you are sure to find something that is helpful to you and your baby – let’s dive in!

Here is a list of my top 3 pregnancy podcasts that I’ve listened to that I feel is informative and delightful. 

Keep in mind, there may be more pregnancy podcasts out there that are great and informative but I’ve only shared the ones I’ve listened to and enjoyed. All experiences and opinions are those of MINE ONLY and does not represent any of the below organizations nor am I affiliated with them. I am only sharing for informational and entertainment purposes.

This post may contain affiliate links. Please see full disclaimer for details. 

1. Pregnancy Confidential

A podcast hosted by editors from Parents and Fit Pregnancy and Baby magazines, Pregnancy Confidential have coined themselves as a girlfriend-to-girlfriend talk podcast. Each episode is focused on a week-by-week basis in pregnancy and is a great way to follow along when you’re expecting.

I’ve once listened to an episode titled, “Pregnancy Week 9 – OMG: I’m Pregnant!”, in which you listen to a panel of moms (editors from Parents and Fit Pregnancy and Baby magazines) where the moms shared their experience on how they found out they were pregnant. I’ve learned what symptoms each individual mom experienced and the creative ways that they revealed their pregnancy to their partners and family.

One of the reasons why I enjoyed this episode was because it took me back to when I first found out I was pregnant.

My first signs of pregnancy started with sore and tender breasts and slight fever signs; whereas, others can start with nausea, food aversions, or food cravings. A few weeks after I confirmed my pregnancy, I began experiencing food aversions and it lasted for a week and a half. Oh boy, those days were long! 

Although my early pregnancy symptoms started out rough, I knew I wasn’t alone on this journey after listening to this episode. Every mom had their own challenges and sharing these challenges was a comfort to the soul.

2. Preggie Pals

If you enjoy listening to expecting or experienced moms, this is also a great podcast to listen to.

Preggie Pals is a podcast produced by Sunny Gault, founder of New Mommy Media, and hosted by Stephanie Glover and Annie Laird. The opening of each episode is the introduction of all moms on the panel. Each mom provides a brief description of how many kids she has and what type of labor and delivery method she experienced. 

You will learn tips and tricks to pregnancy symptoms and the different labor and delivery methods. Other topics include sex in pregnancy, baby shower planning, gender prediction, and more!

With each episode featuring individual experts, you’ll be sure to have your pregnancy questions answered. 

There was one particular podcast I enjoyed listening to and it was titled, “Planning a Baby Shower or Sprinkle,” in which event planner expert, Elisa Suter, came aboard to share her tips and advice on how to plan a baby shower.

This episode was one of my favorite episodes because “baby showers” is one of my favorite topics in pregnancy. They’re so much fun!

It’s a celebratory event where friends and family come together to welcome your new bundle of joy . You eat delicious foods, share laughter, play games, and even better – watch mom-to-be open all the cute little gifts for the little one!

If you’d love to learn more about baby shower etiquette, you can listen to the episode here.

3. Pregnancy Pukeology Podcast

Another wonderful and uplifting podcast is Pregnancy Pukeology. The podcast is hosted by Doctor PukeNoMo (or Dr. Jacqueline Darna), the inventor and creator of NoMo Wristbands.

The show aims to bring humor into pregnancy where “science meets laughter” and helps women who are pregnant or are thinking about getting pregnant.

One of the reason why this podcast stands out from the others is due to the hilarious puke stories that are shared. Puke stories from other pregnant moms bring comic relief during hard and stressful times in pregnancy. Therefore, while you are learning the different pregnancy topics discussed, you also get your share of laughter.

I enjoy listening to this podcast because of the way Dr. Jacqueline Darna decodes complicated medical terminology. She explains things in a way where it’s easy to understand and I’ve learned more about certain topics that some pregnancy books do not thoroughly discuss. 

Some topics include VBAC’s, prenatal visits, heartburn tips, pregnancy travel hacks, and more. 

If you’re on your way to work in the morning, driving home, or running errands, turn on an episode from Pregnancy Pukeology and you’ll be in for some useful and funny content. 

Learn more about the podcast here

Where to Listen

If you’re like me, you like where everything is all in one place. No need to go to different sources, web pages, or other services just to listen to a show. 

Here’s a list of places (or apps) you can go to where you’ll gain free access to these wonderful podcasts:

  • Stitcher – A great place to listen to podcasts is Stitcher, an on-demand internet radio service that is free to use with Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, and Palm webOS. You can download the app or listen on your desktop during your free time to start your pregnancy podcast journey.
  • Spotify – I find most of my favorite music and podcasts from Spotify. It’s free to use and free to create an account. There’s a large library of podcasts listed and you’ll be sure to find these podcasts (among other pregnancy podcasts) available. What I love the most about Spotify is that when I have my phone connected to my car and play an episode, the podcast will pause when turning off the car and resume the episode once the car turns back on. There’s no need to replay or fast-forward within an episode. Neat right?!
  • Apple Podcasts – for iTune users, Apple Podcasts may be the easiest place to go. You can search, view, save, and listen to all the pregnancy podcasts in one place. 
  • Podbay – Another online-streaming service that presents pregnancy podcasts is Podbay. You may find other podcasts available and the download the app for free. 
  • iHeartRadio – Without a doubt, iHeartRadio makes the list as another online-streaming radio service for music and podcast. You can search for any of the three podcasts listed above or find other podcasts available. To listen, you may download the app or listen on your computer desktop. 

As you explore these different media services, you may notice that several of these services contain the same list of pregnancy podcasts. Therefore, it doesn’t matter which app or service you use as they may work the same way.

I would recommend going with the service that provides the most benefit to you in terms of easy access, free (or paid), and whether one holds more podcasts or music than the others. 

Oh, and one more thing. 

If you enjoyed this post, don’t forget to pin or share this post as other mama’s may find it helpful as well!


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Gain instant access to my personal collection of 30+ printables for topics such as pregnancy, baby, finance, and more. Plus - get monthly printables sent straight to your inbox.

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